Proctor Moving Up

The emergence of Sam Proctor has allowed OU to move Lendy Holmes back to corner, where he can provide some much needed depth.

It was pretty obvious when watching the Spring Game that Sam Proctor was developing in to a player to be reckoned with.

He was one of the more active players, and while guys like Dominique Franks got most of the headlines because they turned the ball over, it was Proctor's solid play snap after snap that jumped out.

Proctor believes that he is indeed building upon the foundation that the solid spring game afforded him.

"Yeah, I believe so," Proctor responded when asked if he was trying to build on his spring success. "I built on it in the summer, and I have taken it up during two-a-days."

"The two-a-days practice has really been great the first two days. There is a little bit to re-learn compared to the spring, but so far so good."

It is obvious Proctor's play has caught the eye of the coaching staff, as they have moved Lendy Holmes back to corner, opening up even more opportunity for him at safety.

"If Keenan Clayton is what we want, then that means Nic Harris is a safety," Venables began as he explained the possible new defensive breakdown.

"If Proctor is what we think he is then we are just trying to get our best 11 on the field. Who that is we will find out, but that is obviously the thinking there."

"We want to get two really good players behind each other, so that is the thinking there. So that is what we are working through right now," Venables continued. "Who are the best four there (defensive backfield) and who are the best 11 players."

As we all know Bob Stoops keeps a close eye on the defensive backs, and Proctor first name out of his mouth at his media day press conference when running down the list of players who have stood out in practice so far.

"A guy that has had a great, great spring and even the first couple of days, is in great shape, and really looks good is Sam Proctor a young safety out of Houston," Stoops said. "He has really been impressive."

Proctor is happy that he has the coaches attention, and he is looking forward to proving that he deserves by performing on the field.

"We are all working hard and we are all competing at spots and I believe at the end of the day that I should have the chance to be up there."

One thing that fans in watching the games live in the stadium will start to notice is a large cheering section of fans that will be donning Proctor T-Shirts, as his family and close friends, will most likely always be out in full force on Saturdays.

"I believe it is a blessing," Proctor said of his cheering section.

"They (OU teammates) thought it was kind of funny to see my family up here and all of the shirts and stuff, but my family loves me and they give me all of the support that they can."

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