Scrimmage Notes and Quotes

A look at some of the notes and quotes from the coaches and players who participated in OU's scrimmage on Saturday evening that was closed to the media and the public.

There were no stats kept, and a lot of the offensive and defensive game planning is being kept under wraps, but here is a look at some of the insights from Saturday.

Bob Stoops on the big plays:

"A few guys made some good plays. Lendy Holmes had a nice play and Juaquin Iglesias had one big play. I do not have the details of it for you."

Bob Stoops on offensive line and developing them for the future:

"We are always getting guys ready. Whether it is that position or any other. You are always developing depth and always developing players, so they are no different from every other position we got. We are trying to develop every guy that we can."

Bob Stoops on Sam Bradford's development:

"From a year ago it is like night day. The guy has been through a lot now and he is comfortable and confident."

"He always has been (poised). He has been from his first game. You would expect that to just to be more so the more comfortable he is and confident in what he is doing, and sure of himself, which he is."

Bob Stoops on Jermie Calhoun:

"He played a fair amount. He did a good job. He really works hard. He is a fun guy to coach. He works hard and he has a great attitude. He has got a lot of strength and explosiveness to him."

Bob Stoops on Lamar Harris:

"He is just young. He really shows the tools to be a good corner. He has just got to keep working and getting used to the speed. He is like a lot of young guys and just getting the feel for it. He has got good range."


It looks like from what the media could gather that Jay Norvell will be up in the box during the games with offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson.

Mike Balogun and Austin Box are splitting time at the "Will" spot. It would be fair to call them options 1a and 1b at this point.

Lamont Robinson is the back-up "Mike" and freshman Daniel Franklin is also getting his reps at that position as well.

Lendy Holmes is still working out at corner, but could provide depth at safety if something goes awry with the scheme.

The top three guys at receiver are the upper classmen (Chaney, Johnson, Iglesisas). DeJuan Miller seems to be the hot name as far as youngsters are concerned.

Joey Halzle got some beaming remarks from quarterbacks coach Josh Heupel, who loves his attitude and what he brings to the table from a leadership standpoint.

Ben Habern is getting a lot of work with the number two O-Line unit, but in all fairness there are only two units.

According to Coach Norvell, Freshman James Hanna is working in some with the tight ends and receivers.

Trent Williams is rock solid and can provide depth at a number of positions if need be. Stephen Good is working in at left guard.

Sam Bradford is getting solid reviews, and he admitted that he is feeling as comfortable as he ever has. He gives a lot of his credit to coach Heupel and how he has helped in with his footwork.

The fact that Holmes has been moved back to corner has created some positive competition that guys like Dominique Franks and Jamelle Fleming are using to springboard their development.

The best news may have been when Coach Venables explained that Keenan Clayton has continued his solid play and his success could be a huge priority as it allows Nic Harris to play at safety and Lendy Holmes to stay at corner.

Everyone loves Brody Eldridge

Sam Proctor got his bell rung pretty good in the scrimmage and may have even got knocked out, but no significant injuries were reported.

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