Williams Bearing Down

While many players are satisfied with how camp is going so far, that is not the case with Oklahoma junior offensive lineman Trent Williams, as he knows there is along road ahead if the Sooners are to compete for a National Title.

Trent Williams is a player who started to assert himself on the field last season and he kept playing strong throughout the spring, and because of his development the offensive line unit for OU is not only a veteran unit, but a versatile one.

Williams will most likely be backing up Phil Loadholt at left tackle, but OU line Coach James Patton explained that Trent could provide depth on both sides of the ball.

"Trent can actually go at right tackle as well," OU line coach James Patton explained.

Williams does indeed provide some depth at a few different spots, and the ability to play all along the line has helped him to develop his skills.

"On the O-line to really understand your job, you have to understand the man next to you's job," Williams informed. "Learning another position is a bonus, but it is kind of mandatory to play your position well."

Williams may be getting some praise for his abilities on he field, but he is keeping his nose to the grindstone, because he admits that he and his linemates still have an uphill battle to realize their season goals.

"We still have a lot of work to do," Williams said. "It is going to be a long road ahead if want to be the Championship team that we plan to be. We just got to keep chipping away."

Williams says the teamwork along the line is all good, but they still need to cut down on some of their mistakes.

"The chemistry is fine, we just got to find a way to cut down on the dumb penalties, and how to play the game with out any missed assignments," Williams relayed. "We need to play more consistent, I will say it like that."

The new no huddle look brought in some change, but Williams says that the line has picked up on things pretty quickly from a schematic standpoint.

"Too much has not changed, so I mean we have not threw away the whole playbook."

Williams said that a number of the younger players are looking good.

"Pretty much all of he young O-line," Williams stated. "We try to give them pointers here and there. All of the older linemen do. We are trying to work Jarvis (Jones) in. He just got in. We are trying to introduce him to they way we do things here."

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