Thursday Notes and Quotes

We may not be able to see the squad practice live, but for the most part there are plenty of quotes and notes available afterwards to keep the masses of OU fans happy with the amount of information. Here is a look at what is going down on Thursday.

Bob Stoops on practice:

"It went well. Guys are a little bit tired, but I thought they did a decent job."

Stoops on the state of tackling in college football:

"It depends on the player and the team."

Stoops on the combinations at linebacker with the Austin Box injury:

"We are moving guys around a little bit, but to me that is not a big deal. A linebacker is a linebacker. To me you find the three that are playing the best and the most consistent, and they play."

Stoops on the kicking game:

"Jimmy (Steven) might be a little bit ahead of them all. He has got the lead. He just hit a winner out there today to give one team a boost in the two-minute drill to win the game, and he made a nice kick to win it."

Stoops on the rotation at the "Will" spot.

"I saw them both in there at different times (Mike Balogun and Travis Lewis), but I was not paying attention to how much, but Mike is doing really well, so I know he was in there a lot."

Stoops on the continued importance of offensive line play in college football:

"Just protecting the quarterback. There is a lot of excellent football teams that running the football still matters too."


The biggest note that was gathered out of the session may have been that Lendy Holmes appears to have made the move back safety and Dominique Franks is running with the ones at field corner.

Franks is also in a good situation to compete for the starting punt return job.

Ryan Reynolds feels much more comfortable at the "mike" spot.

Reynolds also talked about how Austin Box and himself were really starting to develop a great rapport, before he went down with the knee injury.

Nic Harris is very composed and seems to really be grasping his leadership role. He is working down some at linebacker and needs to be ready to play any spot.

Joseph Ibiloye and Lamar Harris continue to impress for Freshman. Ibiloye is working in a lot with the two's and Harris has great athleticism.

John Williams said to watch out for R.J. Washington and that R.J. is very quick off of the ball.

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