Franks Running with the Ones

After a tremendous Spring Game performance it looked like Dominique Franks had all but locked down one of the starting cornerback spots, but he learned that things can change quickly on a top flight team with an abundance of talented players on the roster. With an impressive fall camp it looks like Franks has re-established his spot running with the first team defense.

On Media Day (8-6) it was revealed that Lendy Homes had made the move back to corner, and assumed the starting role opposite Brian Jackson, moving Dominique Franks out of a starting role.

This afternoon after practice had wrapped itself up, Franks acknowledged that he had indeed been working with the ones again at his field corner position, and Holmes was working back in at safety.

"I am back with the first (team) just like it was this spring," Franks informed. "I am back at field corner."

By his own admission Franks believes that if he would have kept more focus during the off-season that the position would have been his from the get go.

"It went well, but it was more of me not taking care of my business in the summer," Franks said of Holmes' initial move to field corner.

"I did some things that I shouldn't have did and that was my punishment, so I just have to work myself back in to the rotation and prove to the coaches that I can be accountable."

Football players in today's college game have to be aware of their actions 365 days a year, and while Frank's would not comment on the exact situation that put him the doghouse, he does inform that he now knows what it takes to enjoy continued success.

"Every day you have got to come in and work and you have to treat it like it is your last day, because you never know what is going to happen."

OU defensive backs coach Bobby Jack Wright explained that the competition for all of the defensive back spots has only made each player in the mix a little stronger and a little bit more hungry.

Competition is the thing that really keeps every body on edge, keeps everybody focused, and keeps everybody working to get better," Wright said of the movings and shakings in the defensive backfield. "Anytime a player gets to a certain comfort level where he does not think anybody can take his job or take his spot, (then) you quit developing."

"It has been good having Lendy over there with Dom, and in all honesty Dom has had a pretty good camp. He has gotten much better."

"The last couple of days, as I told you guys earlier, we would end up moving Lendy back and giving him some reps at free safety as well," Wright continued. "We did that yesterday and this morning, so we are looking at all aspects of it."

There may be a lot of questions about how the back for (or five) will hold up this year against the spread offenses, but Franks believes that his unit is one that is developing strength from the all time they work against the OU offense in practices.

We are going against the best offense in the country, or one of the best - so going against them everyday in practice – we will be ready to play on Saturday's," Franks stated. "People say it is new faces, but at the same time we have done everything that we needed to do and be prepared."

" I know I can get out there and do it, now it is just getting out there and showing everybody else."

In addition the starting corner spot, Frank's has his eye on the starting punt return job.

"I am doing a lot of punt returns, catching more balls, and getting more comfortable. I am not sharing time with Reggie (Smith) this year, so hopefully I can go in to this season and get more balls."

Frank's speed will only benefit him in not only locking down the starting punt return job, but locking up Big 12 receivers as well.

"4.4 flat," Smith said in response to a question thrown out about his latest forty time at OU.

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