RECRUITING: Michigan RB felt at home in Norman

Could OU now lead for Saginaw, Mich. running back Jerome Jackson after last weekend's visit?


JH: How did you like your visit to OU?

JJ: "It went pretty good. It went real well. I liked everything about the visit. I liked the coaches, the athletic administration staff, I like the players and chilling with them on Friday. I liked their offense a great deal and I was real surprised that they ran a lot more than they passed. Quentin Griffin was great and he was the closest thing that I have seen to Barry Sanders. I watched him very closely and I tried to pick up a few pointers from that I can use with my own game."

JH: How did the visit enhance the Sooners chances of signing you?

JJ: "The visit enhanced my chances of signing with OU. I didn't think I would feel that comfortable at OU, but I am very excited about OU, because I did feel very comfortable. That really shocked me in that I felt I was at home. All the coaches and the players made me feel that I was part of the team. I just felt like I was at home."

JH: "Is OU your leader right now?

JJ: "I would say that."

JH: What is next on your recruiting schedule?

JJ: "I have Michigan on the sixth of December."

JH: What would you finally say about Oklahoma and where they stand with you?

JJ: "Oklahoma is very high on my list right now, that is for sure."

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