Stoops Talks Second Scrimmage

The second scrimmage seemed to have went pretty good. The players and coaches were pretty upbeat after everything wrapped up, and both units seemed to be pretty strong. In this feature we have some excerpts from Bob Stoops post scrimmage media session and some other notes.

Bob Stoops on the scrimmage:

"It went really well. I think that we had about 120 plays plus some other kicking situations. I was pleased. Nobody at all hurt, and everyone made it through the whole thing. I felt good. It is hard for me. The offense and defense at different times had nice plays, big plays. The defense came up with some nice turnovers. Sam Bradford was incredible. He just really impressed. He just gets better and better throwing the ball. He threw some nice long balls."

Bob Stoops on the linebackers and Mike Balogun:

"Mike is still learning At different times he is out of position due to mental, just getting in the right position, but overall he is playing well and made some nice plays and those guys are doing good. They just need to keep getting snaps and get more familiar with everything that we do. It just takes time to learn everything mentally."

Stoops on Bradford's passes:

"There is give and take. Some were put in some just unbelievable spots. One to Juaquin Iglesias couldn't have been covered any tighter, and came up with a great play, and Sam put it in an incredible spot."

Stoops on the kicking game:

"They are really doing well. Jimmy Stevens is good one everything. His deepest was 50. He only had one shot at it and he made it. He missed one at 53, but he made everything else from 50 and in. The other guys I think each missed one. Tress Way I think made one from 53. Matt Moreland missed one at 53, but most of the others were made. I am really pleased with those guys."

Stoops on what position Lendy Holmes will end up playing:

"Lendy could play either one. There may be some games where he may play some corner and some safety. Again it is just who else keeps emerging. Whether Sam Proctor, who had a huge spring and came in starting at strong safety, if he keeps coming on then you chance to put Nic (Harris) at "Free" and move Lendy around to one corner or the other. It just depends on who else keeps emerging to be the most consistent and playing the best that we feel here is our best four or best five."

Stoops on the defensive backs:

"They did pretty well. Dom came up with a couple of interceptions. Brian Jackson was okay. He had some deflections and some break-ups. Jamell Fleming had a good day. Lamar Harris is still learning, but he did okay out there."

Stoops on the running game:

"It was good at times. They did a nice job I thought for the most part. Again I thought the ones were a little better than the twos. We will have it."

Stoops says the scrimmages were treated like games:

"The last two scrimmages we did everything like we would in a game. We had the headphones out and operated that way. We got a good feel for it now. In the end I don't know that the pace will change that much the more we experiment with it. We will be more consistent as far as stopping the ball and getting the play ready, but again I still think it will depend on the offense's tempo."

Stoops on DeMarcus Granger and why he listed with the second team defense:

"It is only because his back is a little bit sore. He missed a few practices. He is where he is everyday. He is working and doing well. Guys through three weeks of camp sometimes get a little dinged up and miss a day or two. Someone moves in front of them and they earn it back, but that's it."


Brandon Braxton is absolute terrific shape. He is on the verge of dropping below 300 pounds.

Dom Franks had a terrific scrimmage and Brian Jackson informed that he had three interceptions on the day.

The offensive line unit did not seem as happy after the first scrimmage, but all-in-all this scrimmage went much better for them.

DeMarco Murray got a lot of reps and he feels very comfortable out there right now.

DeJuan Miller continues to draw some rave reviews. It would not be a surprise to see both he and Jameel Owens get some reps this season. Owens is picking up his game.

Brent Venables was not as happy about the linebacker play as he has been. Balogun missed some assignments and as we all know there is not a lot of depth.

Keenan Clayton may be the best overall athlete on the defense.

Clayton and Reynolds are working hard to help Mike Balogun get lined up correctly and help him learn his responsibilities. Reynolds is helping him more, because he played the "Will" before.

Murray and Chris Brown appear to make u the number one running back unit, and Madu is the number two unit.

The word special is starting to be thrown out there by some people regarding about Jermie Calhoun.

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