Braxton Flips the Switch

Heading in to the 2008 season Ohio native Branndon Braxton is looking to have his biggest year, and he has taken all of the steps necessary off of the field to put himself in a great situation to succeed.

It is easy to just look at Branndon Braxton and see that he has been putting in a whole lot of work in the off-season.

"300," Braxton replied with a grin when asked about his current weight.

Braxton is definitely pleased with his progress as far as conditioning goes, but he should be even more pleased with what OU OL coach James Patton has to say about his development.

"Branndon Braxton has done a great job," Patton informed. "He is a senior. He is a senior leader."

"He has really transformed himself in to a really good player. He is about 305 pounds right now and can run!"

Two years ago Braxton suffered a broken leg, and injury that can seriously hamper a lineman's development, but that did not stop him from making a strong contribution on the field in 2007.

While he was an effective player Patton acknowledged that Braxton's switch has indeed flipped itself all the way on, and his development in the weight room has raised the expectation levels for his 2008 season.

"He had a good season last season, but something just clicked this spring," Patton said as he snapped his fingers. "He knows it is his last year and he has no more chances left. I think he has realized that."

"He came back from a bad injury and he has done a great job," Coach Patton continued. "He has got leadership. He is a big guy. He has good size with quick feet. Again, that allows him to play a couple of different positions."

With Duke Robinson and Phil Loadholt cemented in their roles as the starting tackles, Braxton will be working in at many spots along the offensive line.

"I am kind of used to the tackle position," Braxton explained. "I tend to do better there than I do at guard, but you know it is coming. I try to do whatever I can to help the team. If coach needs me at guard then that is where I am going to play."

Braxton says his work to slim up helped him be a better player at both positions.

"It helped a lot," Braxton said. "(At guard) you do a lot of pulling and a lot of screens, and it helped at tackle too. It helped me just overall to be faster and quicker than I was before."

Braxton is not about to let up, as he wants to keep pushing all year long.

"I just want to give it all I got," Braxton stated. "When it is all over and done with I do not want to say that I should have done this or I should have done that."

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