Bradford Worried about Wins not Awards

Sam Bradford has a very balanced mentality. It shows through not only on the field, but the way he acts off of it as well. He is developing in to more of a leader heading in to his sophomore year at OU, and as a leader he is not letting hype get in his way.

After completing 237-of-341 passes for 3,121 yard as a freshman in 2007 Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford is heading in to the first game of the 2008 season with some lofty expectations.

Many national pundits are tabbing him as a top contender for a Heisman Trophy, and he is also under consideration for a number of other awards, but he is not spending too much time thinking about individual accomplishments.

"I really don't pay a whole lot of attention to it, I may have heard people mention it, but as far as paying attention to it I have not put a whole lot of focus there," Bradford said when asked if he is paying attention to the Heisman chatter.

"You can't really look at numbers. They can lie. You can put up good numbers and not play great. I just think I got to go out and play with-in the system and play with-in myself and not try to force things, and just take care of the ball and we will be good."

The Sooner quarterback may not be trying to get caught up in the hype, but his ceiling has to be especially high with a whole year of being a starting experience under his belt.

"I feel like I am throwing the ball really well," Bradford informed. "I feel like my arm has gotten stronger since last year. I feel like I am able to put a little more zip on the ball, especially those field throws. It is coming off really well right now."

"I got a long ways to go, especially just getting back in to game situations, but I do feel that I have made improvement from the end of last year and I do feel that I can make some plays that I couldn't make last year, so I do feel that I have improved."

"I really worked on my footwork this year," Bradford continued. "Trying to just get quicker with my feet to help me move in and out of the pocket if I need to escape or maybe make a play on the run throwing the ball down field."

Bradford will have to deal with the national media more often this year, but don't expect him to be dealing out controversial quotes anytime soon, and that was never more obvious than Tuesday afternoon when he sat down with ESPN to discuss the season.

"Obviously you are not going to go up there and give people bulletin board material," Bradford said of his T.V. appearances. "I just got to be myself."

OU will also be giving the no huddle offense a look some this fall, and while it is still not clear how often it will be implemented Bradford knows that he has to be prepared to use it.

"The times that we have run it I have felt comfortable in it," Bradford explained. "It is just up to our coaches to decide how much they want to use it. If they want to use it, then I feel like we are comfortable doing it."

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