RECRUITING: Shreveport Receiver Makes Decision

Shreveport, La. receiver Tristen Ross has made his commitment. Is he a Sooner, Volunteer or Longhorn?


JH: Tristen I understand you have made a decision where you want to play your college football. Is that true?

TR: "I am going to be an Oklahoma Sooner. I just got off the phone a few moments ago to tell Coach Stoops that I was going to be a Sooner."

JH: "Is there anything particular that pushed you toward committing tonight?

TR: "It had been on my mind for a long time and with the win they picked up this past weekend I was real impressed. So, I just decided to go ahead and finalize my decision."

JH: Over the last couple of weeks it seemed that OU had pulled ahead. Was that the case?

TR: "Yes, the last couple of weeks OU started to pull ahead. Coach Wyatt started to tell me that I could come in and make an impact as a freshman and that is really what I want to do. I want to go into OU and make some plays as a freshman."

JH: How is Evangel doing in the playoffs?

TR: "We won 54-7 and we seem to be peaking at the right time. I had four catches for 106 and one touchdown catch of 64 yards. We are now in the quarterfinals and we play Destrahan High who is 11-1 this year."

JH: How do you see your skills fitting in at OU?

TR: "I see myself coming into their program as a wide receiver, because that is what I want to do. I feel very comfortable at wide receiver and I told Coach Wyatt that one of my goals coming in will be to break the freshman receiving record."

JH: Your mom Lori is a Sooner grad, what does she think about your commitment to OU?

TR: "She was very excited and was very happy for me. Being the fact that we are from Oklahoma and most of our family is from Oklahoma, she was very happy."

JH: Your dad Alvin Ross played at OU. Did that have any impact on your decision?

TR: "No, not really. But it is good that he played at OU. However, I want to make my own name at OU and I want to set my own standards at OU."

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