Iglesias: "Feels Like a Family"

Oklahoma wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias had a huge 2007 season, but he feels even more confident about the way things look heading in to the first game of the year against Tennessee-Chattanooga.

Juaquin Iglesias hauled in 68 passes for 907 yards and five touchdowns last year to lead the Sooners receiving corps.

The offense was able to put up solid numbers, Iglesias feels that the potential of the 2008 season is even bigger, because of the way the team has grown together.

"I think we have," Iglesias said when asked if the offense has continued to become stronger. I think just as an offense, not even focused on the football things, I think we have come together like a family. I think it shows out there on the field."

"When a play goes like it is not supposed to go it still happen, because just the feeling of the offense. The feeling Sam and I have for each other and the feeling that DeMarco and I have for each other. I think the offense is going to be good and we are getting stronger and stronger everyday. It feels better."

Iglesias feels that the receivers have also grown closer together, and that there is a lot of big play potential in the group.

"I think we came together in a good way," Iglesias informed. "Ryan (Broyles) is out there making plays. Even the young guys are making plays out there. I just think as an offense that we are coming together. I think we are just building on relationships and becoming stronger and stronger everyday."

"The more and more we hang around each other it helps the team out tremendously. I think it feels like a family. I really feel that."

Iglesias came to OU as a slot receiver, but he has developed in to a weapon on the outside as well.

"I think it happened over time. When I was a freshman I was going just strictly as a slot, and then my sophomore year (I was) going kind of both. It has been a transition. I think it is good. I think it is going to help me a lot."

One weapon that opposing defenses are not going to be able to defend is the mental connection between Iglesias and OU quarterback Sam Bradford.

As a matter of fact that connection may have been the biggest offensive weapon of the fall camp.

"It is just one of those things you really can ‘t explain," Iglesias began as he did try to explain it. "I don't know how to explain it, but it is kind of like we are in each others head. You can feel what he feels sometimes, and where to go and where not to go. I think that comes along with just being with him everyday and throwing with him everyday.

"Obviously when you get more and more reps in it is more comfortable and you have more faith in it. You just have an understanding of where he throws the ball and get a better feeling for his arm."

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