Stepp Report: Dallas Carter

No one watches more high school football or high profile recruits in the DFW area than Texas Prep Insider's Matt Stepp. This year he is going to be checking in with Sooners Illustrated to give some insight on some of OU's top level recruits. This week he checks in to give us a report on Chris Henderson and Dalvin Glass from Carter High in Dallas.

Dallas Carter High is always loaded with talent, and the Sooners are always in the mix to sign players from the program.

This year they are heavily in the mix for defensive lineman Chris Henderson, who is currently committed to Texas A&M, and next year they figure to be a major player for offensive lineman Dalvin Glass.

Texas Prep Insider high school football analyst Matt Stepp took the time to give his thoughts on both players after their scrimmage this weekend against Euless Trinity.

Stepp on Chris Henderson (6-1, 250):

"Henderson is a little bit undersized. He is not as tall as I expected him to be. He is probably 6-foot-1, so he is a little bit undersized from that standpoint as a defensive end."

"One of his positives is that he is extremely strong at the point of attack. Trinity has a very good offensive line, and some plays Henderson just had his way. He was able to pull off a couple of real good power moves and cause some havoc in the backfield."

"Another thing I really like about Henderson is his versatility. Carter moved him around all over the defensive line, inside and outside. He was equally effective in both positions."

"I think he is probably going to project as a defensive tackle. He probably needs to put on a little more muscle, but he does not really have the defensive end build. He looks more like an inside guy. I think whatever college he ends up at he will put on some weight and be a defensive tackle that can rush the passer."

Dalvin Glass
Stepp on Dalvin Glass (6-2, 280):

"I thought Dalvin Glass was one of the most impressive guys out there. They (Carter) are known for their speed and athleticism, but they also produce some great lineman, and Dalvin Glass is going to be next in line."

"I was very, very impressed with him at the point of attack. He plays with a mean streak. He is a nasty offensive lineman. He gets after you and hits you and then he is in the second level looking to put someone on their behind."

"Glass was a big reason why Carter was so successful in their scrimmage against Trinity. He dominated them at the point of attack in the run game."

"Glass is an inside guy, but he is surprisingly agile and can get out an pull an do those kinds of things."

"One of his downsides is his pass blocking Carter does not run a real sophisticated offense, but he has the quick feet and he will be able to learn that quickly on the next level."

Recruiting Buzz:

Chris Henderson is currently committed to Texas A&M, but he admits that OU will be in his mind all the way until signing day. It definitely seems like OU is in a position to make a move for him when the time is right. Dalvin Glass is already high on OU, and if they offer they should be able to be a favorite to sign him as well.

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