Miles, Cowboys talk about Bedlam matchup

OSU Head Coach Les Miles talked about Saturday's Bedlam game at his weekly press conference

Below are excerpts from Oklahoma State's weekly press confernce held Monday in Stillwater.

Oklahoma State Head Coach Les Miles
On Playing Oklahoma
"There is no hatred from this program towards Oklahoma. We are excited about playing them. It is as much fun to play in this league and prepare for this game as any traditional rivalry that there is. When you are all the way fired up, you are all the way fired up."

About Oklahoma
"They are a nationally ranked football team and they look like it. There are no weaknesses, they are solid across the board. They have a great running attack with Quentin Griffin as well as an excellent passing attack. They have great linemen with a few defensive linemen that are very special. They have big strong linebackers, safeties that will hit and corners that will cover and special teams that are laced with speed. They are a better team than they were this time last year. They are able to attack on broader fronts."

On containing Quentin Griffin
"The defense last year was the difference in the game. No matter how we were playing on offense we were going to get opportunities. I think our defensive line will look forward to the challenge of stopping Quentin Griffin and rushing the passer. Griffin can run powerfully and has the ability to make people miss. He is a very special back and deserving of post season honors. He can hurt you by himself."

Linebacker Terrence Robinson
On Preparing for OU
"With the win last year we are very confident coming in to this week knowing we can play with these guys. We are watching a lot of film, guys are sacrificing themselves and their time. We are preparing ourselves mentally to play the best game we can."

On what the game means to him
"It is a huge game being here for five years. When I first came here, not being from Oklahoma, I did not understand what Bedlam was. It is my last game of the regular season and it is my last game being a senior. I will be going out with this last game. It is a huge game for me but it is also a huge game for this team. We can really do a lot for this program and do a lot for this upcoming year."

On stopping Quentin Griffin
"It is very important. Quentin Griffin is a tough runner. He makes a lot of plays for them. The way you contain him is to wrap him up and continue to drive your feet. He is a real good runner and it takes more the one man to tackle him because he continues to drive his feet."

On the atmosphere of the game
"I think it will be a game were everyone is pumped up from play one to the last play. The fans will be into the game. It will be one of those games you dream about being a college football player. Playing against your rival and going out and experiencing that last regular season game as a team."

Wide Receiver Terrance Davis-Bryant
On being in OU's head
"I think we are in their head just a little bit. They were not really worried about us last year. Last year we gave them a wake up call so they can not come into this game thinking that it is going to be a breeze."

Safety Chris Massey
On his memories of last year's OU game "We came out focused and ready to play. We took a real physical attitude towards them and the feeling when we left the field is what I remember."

On OU's offense
"I think it will be a little tougher this year. They have really established the running game with Quentin. A year ago they were a passing team. We have our hands full because they are a balanced team."

Offensive Tackle Jason Russell
On Bedlam games
"Bedlam means going out and playing for OSU fans and being able to go home and say that we beat OU and talk trash to the guys that you know on the team. I don't like them during the OU week. I have family that are OU fans and I love my family, but I don't like them during this week either. It's a hatred from my part. I've always looked forward to this game - it's one of the greatest games."

On last years Bedlam game
"Just being the underdog that we were, going into that game, kinda showed me that people didn't think we had a chance to beat those guys and when we did, it was a relief. Coming from here it seemed that you would have the same athletes with the same characteristics as an OU team and we needed to prove it to win a big game like that. The attitude that everybody had, knowing that we could go in and give these guys a run. People believed in each other, really for the first time last year. We knew we had a great team and we knew we could compete with anybody but it really just didn't show and we really wanted to win the last game. The attitude from everybody inspired me to step up and I didn't want to let anybody down."

Defensive Tackle Kevin Williams
On OU's Team
"I was shocked at how they shut down the Texas Tech offense. Quentin Griffin has been running the ball well all season. Every time they hand him the ball he gets three or four yards. I think people think he's being tackled and he will stick his hand down and keep going. OU's offensive line has been blocking a lot better on the run and also have great pass blocking. They are a young group of offensive linemen but they aren't much different from last year."

On the Bedlam Game
"We beat Texas A&M and Nebraska earlier this year, and a victory over OU would definitely be up there with one of those. I never knew anything about the Bedlam series until I came to Oklahoma State back in 1998. Once you get here, I guess from there you just grow to hate them. Hopefully they will over look us again, and they will come in here and we can put it on them and beat them again. I don't know why they would overlook us, but it goes to show that the game is played on the field not on paper."

Quotes provided by OSU Sports Information.

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