Chaney Discusses Opener, Starting Role

Quentin Chaney entered the program with a whole lot of expectations coming out of Washington High, and he will now get the chance to prove his potential as a starter this weekend in OU's season opener against Tennessee-Chattanooga.

Quentin Chaney is honored to cement a starting spot on the OU two-deep, but he will be even more pleased with finishing the game, and more importantly finishing out the season.

"To me starting is a good accomplishment, but as long as I am able to finish the game and be on the field is more important, and that is really where I am proud to be. I really feel good about that."

"I just look forward to taking it one game at a time for the most part. Not getting to far ahead of myself. Looking at each play and if that play goes wrong then don't worry about it - get to the next play and just make sure that I play consistent each down - each play."

Chaney had a down year in 2007, but explains that he worked hard on some things in the off-season to give himself an edge.

"Catch the ball consistently and being able to make plays downfield," Chaney explained.

"You know that is one thing I really worked on, and also working on blocking. I really plan on having those things will stick out for me and set me aside from other receivers this year."

As a group, the receivers should be as good as they were one year ago, but when you lose a playmaker like Malcolm Kelley there is the expectation of at least a slight drop-off.

"You can always be better then the year before, so it is just up to us to go out there and play hard and make sure that we don't have many mistakes and many penalties," Chaney said of the group's 2008 potential.

Chaney is yet another member of the team that believes that the team is not looking over this week's match-up against Tennessee-Chattanooga.

"No, there are no issues at all," Chaney said when asked if there were any motivational issues heading in to the game.

"It is a game. Everybody has been having this August 30th date set since the first day of camp, the first day of summer workouts, so we are not looking forward to anything. We are taking it one game at a time."

The match-up could provide the offense a chance to hammer out some of the wrinkles of a newly implemented no-huddle scheme, but it could also be a chance to hide it as well. Either way Chaney contends that not too much will change from a schematics standpoint.

"It is not really going to be too much of a difference for us," Chaney informed.

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