OU/UTC: First Half Notes

OU has jumped out to a 50-0 lead on UT Chattanooga and there are number of story lines coming out of the match-up so far.

- Guess what, the OU defense and offense are both clicking in this one. OU has 350 yards of offense while holding UTC to 10 (that's right 10) yards…

- Phil Loadholt and Ryan Broyles have both been absent from action in the first half. Will they be back out for the second?

- Auston English is back! He has been wrecking shop along the defensive line and already has two sacks.

- Manuel Johnson has really established himself in this game. That is great news for the OU offense as it establishes another downfield threat.

- Sam Bradford is still rock solid and finished the first half 14-17 for 152 yards and two touchdowns. It is just amazing how consistent and accurate he throws the ball.

- Questions about the potential of the OU secondary will have to wait until next week, as UTC has just not had the time to make any plays down field, and if when they have it has been a prayer.

- The offensive line has done a tremendous job opening up holes for the running game and holding off the pressure off of the OU quarterbacks.

- UTC is not that good….

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