Murray Still has the Moves

After a stellar 2007 season OU running back DeMarco Murray had nothing to prove, but he still wanted to come out and start the 2008 season with a bang, and that is exactly what he did by rushing for over 100 yards and scoring two touchdowns.

DeMarco Murray may have had the play of the game in the first half of Saturday night's 57-2 win over UT Chattanooga when he dashed up the sideline for 49 yards.

While watching the play unfold there was only one thought going through my mind… The Murray that made all of those exciting plays in 2007 is back in 2008.

"Yeah," Murray said when asked if he felt like the 07 version of himself.

"There were a couple of plays where I was running it like I did last year, but I think it is going to pick up slowly but surely."

On his 49 yard run he fell just short of reaching the end-zone. He would eventually punch it in from one yard out, but while he was scampering up the sideline he thought he was going to score.

"It felt real good," Murray informed of his run. "I guess I ran out of gas though, but I don't know. I am just getting back in the groove of things.

"I thought I was (in the endzone) I did not want to run another play after that."

There were some worries that the talented OU back would feel some ill effects from his knee surgery or his ankle that was sprained back in the beginning of fall camp, but he acknowledged that he is feeling 100 percent.

"It felt good. I did not feel any pain at all."

"It felt good just getting out there and being hype in the game mode. I felt great out there running the ball and blocking and what not. For the first game I thought I played real well."

Murray has the moves and speed of playmaker, but one thing you noticed on Saturday was how hard he was running in between the tackles, and he worked hard this off-season to become a more physical runner.

"That is pretty much my goal to never let one guy try to tackle me and take me to the ground. I am still learning and trying to get more physical."

Saturday night's game was the first time that OU had the chance to run their new no huddle offense and Murray thought they pulled it off pretty much without a hitch.

"I think it went pretty well for us. I thought tonight – for our first time doing it in a game – I though it went pretty well."

"You get a lot more plays and get the defense a little winded, so that just puts us in best place to make big plays."

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