Five Answers: OU Vs. Chattanooga

Last Thursday we talked about some of the biggest questions heading in to the Sooners opening match-up against UT-Chattanooga. Now that the game is in the books we will revisit those questions to see how well they were answered.

1. How will Mike Balogun play at the "Will"?

This question ended up not even being as important as we thought it would be because Travis Lewis is the one who got the call to start and play most of the snaps at the "Will".

That being said Brent Venables felt that both players performed well at the position.

"I thought both of them played well," Venables informed. "I was pleased with both of them."

Lewis had six tackles (tied for the tam lead) in the game and Balogun assisted on two.

2. Will OU actually be using a lot of no huddle?

The answer to this one became very clear on the opening series of the game. Yes they will!

They not only ran the no huddle it looked like the no huddle is going to be the base offense, and it accounted for nearly 500 yards.

There may be some match-ups where they do not use it as much, but it looks like it is going to be the bread and butter in 2008.

3. Will a leader of the defense emerge?

I do not know if this question has actually been answered at 100 percent yet, but after the game indications from the players were that Nic Harris has really stepped up as the main vocal presence on the defensive side of the ball.

"Nic Harris stepped up a lot," Keenan Clayton informed. "He is always one of those guys that is motivating on the sideline and letting us know that you are doing this wrong or you got to do this or you got to do that."

4. How much time will the back-ups see?

The back-ups actually got a lot of time in and a number of freshmen got to see time.

DeJuan Miller, Jameel Owens, Joey Halzle, Adron Tennell and Mossis Madu all got to see time in the first half, and a number of the guys got in to the mix in the second half.

Highly touted freshmen Miller and Owens both had two catches in the game.

Justin Johnson had four carries and James Hanna had his first catch in the Crimson and Cream. Hanna was also in on first team punt coverage all night.

The second team offensive line got a lot of work in and looked very solid. I thought that Jason Hannan, Stephen Good, and Cory Brandon all looked nice in their time on the field.

Defensive guys like Alan Davis, Jamell Fleming, Mike Balogun, Lamont Robinson, Pryce Macon, Stacey McGee, Jonathon Nelson, and Sam Proctor all pitched in to help shut down the Mocs. J.R. Bryant saw a lot of special teams action.

5. How is the kicking game?

I guess if I had to grade out the kicking game then I would give them a C.

Jimmy Stevens missed a PAT, and Moreland seemed to not get a whole lot of leg in to his first half kick-offs.

Both players seemed to get better with time and when their nerves calmed down a little, and after the game Coach Stoops seemed to be okay with their performance.

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