Stoops Addresses Alexander and Williams

After today's practice at OU, Bob Stoops briefly touched on the situations surrounding Frank Alexander and John Williams. While there is not much info available on Alexander at this time it does not look like Williams will be back.

When the two-deep roster was release last week it was a surprise to see that John Williams, who was just granted a medical hardship, was not on it.

The talk was that he had left the program, and he was considering coming back, but after today's practice session Bob Stoops said that he does not expect him to be a member of his team.

"Right now John is mentally having a hard time staying with it, and right now we don't anticipate him rejoining the team," Stoops informed.

"In the end you got to want to play. You got to want to do the things necessary to play and play well. It is unfortunate, but in the end we are going to play this Saturday, so we are going to get ready to play."

This weekend there was an incident and it seems that OU red-shirt freshmen Frank Alexander and a member of the basketball team were assaulted and hospitalized, but no specifics have been released.

Stoops acknowledged the incident, but is not ready to offer up any further specifics at this point, or confirm that it was Frank Alexander who was involved.

"There was an incident where a couple of our athletes were assaulted," Stoops began. "There is an ongoing investigation, and until we know more I am not going to confirm anything."

"Towards the end of the week I will let people know who will play or won't play depending on what issues there are, but I am not going to do that this early in the week."

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