Franks Off to a Fast Start...

Franks got the 2008 season started with a bang when he deflected a pass on the opening play of Saturday's game against Chattanooga. It was a good play, but he was disappointed that he did not intercept the pass. He played about as well as you could, but he feels he can play even better.

It did not take long for Dominique Franks to establish his presence on the defensive side of the ball.

On the first play from scrimmage on Saturday night Chattanooga quarterback Jare Gault dropped back for a pass and for a pslit second his receiver looked to be breaking open on the sidelines, but the fleet-footed Franks made a move and stepped up in to the throwing lane to bat the ball away.

If Franks would have intercepted the ball he would have had a clear lane to cash the interception in for six points.

"I wish I would have picked it," Franks said. "That would have made me feel a whole lot better."

"I was thinking I was about to get in trouble. My man was about to get behind me, so I just jumped up and I did not think I was that close to the ball. I should have put both hands up and picked it."

In the South Carolina/NC State game on Thursday night a player got penalized for dropping and doing push-ups after dropping an interception. While Franks was bummed he did not consider doing anything crazy.

"We saw the video's of what we can do and can not do, and I also saw that," Franks acknowledged with a smile. "I did not want to do anything like that. We just wanted to make it up on the next play."

The former Tulsa Union standout also has a strong grasp on the punt return job, and he did nothing to harm his standing on the special teams unit, but because of the huge early lead he did not get much of an opportunity to return many punts.

"(It) felt real comfortable," Franks admitted.

"I kind of figured that I was going to be a little bit nervous at first with all of the people out there, but I was actually real calm and felt real relaxed out there."

Franks has now switched his focus to this week's match-up with the Cincinnati Bearcats.

"Cincinnati is going to give us a real good test and we are going to be able to prove how good we are."

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