Stepp Report: Eddie Johnson & Stump Godfrey

Texas Prep Insider analyst Matt Stepp was out on the road watching high school games all weekend long. Throughout his travels he had the opportunity to check out a couple of major 2010 targets that could factor in towards OU's plans and we caught up with him tonight to get the low down.

WR Eddie Johnson (6-4/195, Midlothian High, Class of 2010):

Eddie Johnson put his name on OU's recruiting radar when he had a dominating performance during a session of the summer camp.

Johnson is a valuable weapon in the Midlothian attack and will be highly recruited by everyone, but his four catches for 69 yards were not enough to help Midlothian this weekend when they went down 35-7.

"Midlothian just got thumped," Stepp began. "They threw the ball to Johnson seven or eight times. He caught everything that was thrown short, but he ran a lot of deep routes and the Midlothian quarterback (Bryce Petty) did not have a lot of time and he under threw him."

"The very first possession he ran about a 10-yard crossing route and Petty put the ball low and on the sideline where no one else could catch it. Johnson made a great play, it was a low ball, he caught it with his hands and kept both feet in bounds, and really that showed what type of potential he does have."

"This kid is a freak. He is probably like 6'4 and maybe even 6'5 and probably goes about 195 right now. This kid has enormous hands. I have big hands and when I shook his hand his hand completely swallowed up mine."

"He has got very good hands. He has good fundamentals and catches the ball out away from his body. He is a very technically sound wide receiver when catches the ball, but he does not get used on a whole lot of routes. They basically like to run him out on the deep fade. People pay a lot of attention to him. He gets double covered a lot."

"Make no mistake he is definitely big-time. He is right up there with John Harris as the best receiver in Texas. He is pretty fast. He looks fast for a big guy. He is a beast."


QB Darian Godfrey (6-2/185, Gilmer High, Class of 2010):

"Stump" Godfrey will be the next big thing to come out of Gilmer High and will join players like Justin Johnson, Lamar Harris, and Manuel Johnson that have come from the program and went on to play major college ball.

Godfrey is just a junior, but his leadership and skills will be counted on to lead Gilmer back in to the playoffs and he helped them got off to a fast start in 2008 by leading them to a 56-28 victory over Jasper on Thursday.

"The first thing I noticed about him is he is a lot bigger than I expected. I picked him at about 6'0 or 6'1, but he was actually about 6'2," Stepp said.

"He has got a real strong arm when he throws it. He still lacks a little pocket presence right now, but he is a GREAT runner."

"He is a pure leader. Last year he played on a senior laden team as a sophomore and led them to a 14-1 record. One of the Gilmer coaches informed me that he is definitely the unquestioned leader."

"I think he could play another position, but I think he will be a quarterback in college. He should fill out at about 6'3. That is not real tall for a quarterback, but you can get by on the division level for sure. I think he would fit in well in a system like OU. You do not have to be real tall in their system."

"His leadership skills are his best characteristic, so I think he could be a wide receiver in college, but make no bones about it he wants to be a quarterback."

"The OU staff has a great pipeline at Gilmer and I am sure the OU staff is really aware of him, so I think a lot of whether or not how big time he is will be on how he performs this season."

Recruiting Buzz: The best players from Gilmer usually go on to play their college ball at OU. If the Sooners want Godfrey and extend him a scholarship then they figure to be the odds on favorite. Johnson is yet another player who is high on Oklahoma. He already has sparked up an early rapport with OU WR coach Jay Norvell (BTW, young receivers absolutely love this guy) and had a great time at camp back in the summer, and it would be not be a long shot to say that he is leaning towards the Crimson and Cream at this time.

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