Five Answers: OU Vs. Cincy

On Thursday we posed five questions heading in to the Cincinnati game that we thought could have a factor in the ultimate outcome, and in this feature we revisit those questions to see if they were answered or even factored in at all.

1. Can the OU defense shut down Cincy's zone-read offense?

The Oklahoma defense gave up some yards on Saturday. Cincinnati was able to rack up over 300 yards, but I quite simply have to answer this question with a yes.

We all knew that the most dangerous aspect of this Cincy team was their offense, and if OU did not shut it down then they did a pretty good job of keeping it under control. They held them in check to open the game and get out to a quick 14-0 lead.

Quite frankly, OU scored so fast that Cincy had the ball A LOT until the second half when the Sooners got behind their massive linemen and asserted a strong running attack.

2. Will OU score on a return?


This one question should have been asked the other way around.

Can the Sooners shut down Mardy Gilyard?

The answer to that one would have been no as well., because this guy was the biggest weapon on the field that was not wearing a Crimson number 14 or 85 jersey. This kid was electrifying, but if OU executed they could have prevented the big returns.

"We've got a guy unblocked that misses the tackle," Stoops said. "It's not like you're not there. It's one thing if you've got no one there."

"If he makes the tackle everything is okay. If you miss him - it's the same thing on defense- when you miss somebody and he's running there is a problem."

3. What happens when you put two high-speed and high-powered offenses on the field?

When you put these two offenses on the field you get a pretty exciting day.

All-in-all the two teams accounted for over 900 yards of offense and 78 points, and the fans in the stadium were up at of their seats for the majority of the game.

OU dominated the game because they were so much more talented and versatile on both sides of the ball, but he Bearcats did not roll over. They executed their offense, to a degree, and made some big plays n special teams.

Throw in the Ryan Broyles factor and the chippy way the two teams were after each other all day and it was even better. There is nothing better than a hard-hitting and wide-open football game. It is like getting the old school feel with the new school pace.

4. How will the defensive backs perform?

From my vantage point they performed admirably.

Lendy Holmes and Dominique Franks both got an interception.

Nic Haris and Holmes were strong in the middle and never really made a bad play. The word dependable come to mind when thinking of a way to describe the safeties play.

You are going to have some bad plays in any game, but these guys were able to negate the huge play.

Brian Jackson also did a good job out there.

5. Can Chris Brown have yet another multi-touchdown game?


He was able to punch one in, already giving him four on the year, but Sam Bradford was just too good. It is hard to get much of a chance as a RB when your QB throws for five TD's!

It seemed like all of the scores were coming from a good distance, and even on his one TD run Brown had to do it from 15 yards out.

He came close to getting his second consecutive multi-touchdown game, but was brought down shy of the end-zone and then Murray would take over to finish off the drive.

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