Willingham: "Our Backs are Against the Wall"

This weekend the Sooners will travel to play a Pac-10 foe that will present a difficult road challenge. While the Sooners are the visitors everyone in the country will be picking OU to pull out the victory. Ty Willingham and his Huskies are trying to prevent that from happening.

Washington head coach Ty Willingham on the Sooners offense

"It is probably one of the more difficult ones that I have had to start conversation on. Simply because where do you start at."

"The receiving corp is pretty skilled, very fast. I watched them perform one of their plays against Cincinnati the other night and the receiver (was) just like a lightning bolt up the sideline. Very difficult to deal with and they have got not just one, but probably about three or four in that category."

"The quarterback obviously with what he did last year as a freshman has set all kinds of records, and he is off to I think a pretty good start again in his first two ball games."

"And then you got the running back that you would think probably over the last couple of years after having (Adrian) Pederson that you would have some fall off, but yet you have DeMarco Murray - I think if I am correct – is just doing a heck of a job."

"Then you start with the offensive line, so it is a pretty potent group that really does not have a lot of weaknesses, and I am probably forgetting to mention their tight ends."

Washington head coach Ty Willingham on the recruiting benefits on a weekend with a big game

"Well, I think they get excited, because I think all of those guys like seeing themselves in that big-time atmosphere, in those big times games, and big time challenges and they see themselves as some of the best players in the country, and I have said like many coaches and people around sports have said in the country that to be the best you have got to play the best and that is what you have to do."

Washington head coach Ty Willingham on being a home underdog

"The first thing you have to understand is no one is going to give our guys a chance. Right now our backs are against the wall. It is kind of an us against them mentally that we got to adhere to right off the bat. We got to understand that. There will be very few segments, places, corners, closets in this country that you are going to be given a chance, so we got to get ourselves ready for that. And then you got to understand that when we do what we do well that we are a pretty good football team."

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