Beal Playing Integral Role

On Saturday against Cincinnati Jeremy Beal showed that he is a versatile player in the defense by stepping back off the line and playing as a hybrid linebacker. The move allowed him to make plays all over the field and he took advantage of it by racking up 12 tackles.

Former Oklahoma All-American defensive end Dan Cody made the "spinner" package famous in his time at OU.

The moment he dropped back off of the line he made the 2004 OU defense that much more versatile.

Ever since then the questioned has been posed who will be the next guy to be do something similar for the Sooners' ‘D'.

Saturday night Sooner fans got their answer when Jeremy Beal dropped back off of the line and the OU defense went to work with a three-man defensive front.

"It is kind of like the spinner," Beal said about his new position.

"I came in as a linebacker and they just told me to go back old linebacker this year. It is a pretty easy adjustment for me because I enjoy playing linebacker, so I think it worked out pretty good."

The only way this package can be pulled off is if you have a guy like Beal who is talented enough and speedy enough to possibly drop back in coverage.

With former defensive back Keenan Clayton also on the field it makes the OU defense versatile enough to match-up with any style of offense opponents can assemble.

"That is the point of the "spinner" package, because we do not want to get caught trying to substitute," Beal explained. "If they go empty or they go two tight ends we can line up."

"Basically when somebody goes empty or something like that we do not have to rush somebody on to the field. I can just step back and be the extra drop back guy. It is basically so we do not get caught up in that substitution, because everybody runs that no huddle offense now."

"I think it is a good package for us," Beal continued. "I don't know if they (OU staff) are going to use it again, but hopefully they do.

"I enjoyed it."

Beal was able to rack up 12 tackles and a sack from his hybrid position, and he enjoys playing an integral role.

"Yeah," Beal responded when asked if it felt like he played a bigger role.

"I like being an important part of the defense. I am ready to step up and everybody is ready to step up. We are trying to be a dominant defense this year. We are trying to be the number one defense. Everybody is ready to step up and do their part, and so am I."

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