Five Questions: Oklahoma at Washington

The Oklahoma Sooners will travel up to Washington to face a squad that is hungry for a victory after an 0-2 start to the 2008 campaign.

1. Will the Sooners take care of business on the road in 2008?

Everybody knows that the Sooners struggled some in away games in 2007. Most people are still in shock that Colorado was able to upset an OU team that had better athletes at virtually every single position.

That seems to be the nature of the beast in college football. If you are a team that can be successful on the road then you are a team that can compete for the championships and post-season glory.

This game should provide a good test. Washington is a team that OU could make a strong statement with, but a win is an absolute must. There can be no repeat of Colorado if the Sooners are to achieve their 2008 goals.

2. Who will be the most exciting player on the OU offense?

This may end up becoming a standard question for the rest of the year.

There are so many weapons on the offensive side of the ball it is plain sick.

Ryan Broyles, Sam Bradford, and Jermaine Gresham flexed their muscles against Cincinnati, while Chris Brown, Manny Johnson, and Bradford provide a lot of the pop in week one against Chattanooga.

"The more weapons we have, the more dangerous we all are," Senior receiver Juaquin Iglesias said of the offensive talent.

The match-up should seem to favor the receivers heading in to this week. There should be some chances for some exciting plays.

3. Can Travis Lewis and Jeremy Beal keep up the pace?

Everybody knew about Auston English, Gerald McCoy, and Nic Harris, but Lewis and Beal have gotten off to a very quick start in 2008.

Can they keep it up?

They should get the chance. Beal should get to drop back and play off the line, similar to what he did against UC, and Lewis has earned the distinction of being named the starter at WLB for the first time.

"That gives me a lot of confidence," Lewis said when asked about getting the call to start. "That means to me the coaches have gained confidence in me and started believing in me."

4. Can OU keep the lid on Jake Locker?

Jake Locker is a quarterback that not only has great size at 6-foot-3, 230 pounds, but he is also a guy that has tremendous speed. He is deceptive and dangerous because you have to account for both factors.

From watching him in the past he is a guy that does not look like he can run, but when he pulls it down he can beat quick linebackers out to the edge.

So far in two starts he has just been playing decently, but he has not really had a breakout game. He only threw for 103 yards against Oregon. He did a little better in the second game against BYU when he threw for 204 yards and accounted for three touchdowns.

He has yet to throw an interception, but has only completed 48.7 percent of his passes. If OU can keep him from breaking out, then it will definitely be a long day for the Huskies.

5. Will the no-huddle travel well?

The new OU no huddle offense has been terrific so far. It is amazing how smoothly it has been implemented.

This has not been the case for other NCAA teams that have also been adding it to their schemes.

With the way the offense runs it is imperative for Bradford to get the offense in to the right play, and he has handled that aspect like a grizzled veteran.

Now that offense hat has accounted for over 1,000 yards in two games at home will have to prove that it can be run smoothly in a hostile environment.

The success will be analyzed closely, because the next real test will be in the Cotton Bowl for the Red River Rivalry.

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