Against the Spread...

This weekend the Sooners will be facing their first road test of the 2008 campaign when they square off under the lights against the Washington Huskies in a nationally televised game.

Oklahoma at Washington

Game Time: 6:45


Line: -21

SI ATS Record: 1-0

It was nice to get out of the gates with a good start last week as the Sooners rolled over the Bearcats to win by 26.

Those that had plays in on UC were feeling pretty good about themselves heading in to the half, but a stout defense helped OU put the nail in the coffin in the second half.

We thought that the Sooners would be successful in hat contest because they seemed to have taken some extra time in preparing for the game.

This weekend's match-up resembles last weekends in a number of ways. The line is virtually the same and UW should enter the contest just as hungry as UC, but it is a much different type of hungry.

The Tyrone Willingham era is teetering on the brink of extinction. It is not too often that you can look on the message board and find your opponent hoping you come in to their house and whip them badly so that their head coach will be fired, but that is exactly the case with some of the Huskies fans.

That begs the big question as to whether or not the Huskies players have packed it in on him as well. If they have gave up on their coach already then it will be tough for them to keep it close to a team that is talented as OU.

It also seems to be a team that needed to operate without distraction to get ready for the Sooners, and it should have been hard to get as ready as you need to be while dealing with the heartbreak and the distraction of how the BYU game ended.

Everything points to the Sooners so far. They are the better team, with a better scheme on both sides of the ball, and they should be fired up to prove they can win big on the road after the way they handled themselves in 2007.

The only factor that remains is the Jake Locker factor, and while he heated up some last week, he played very poorly in their opening week loss to Oregon. Locker is a big, fast and at times can completely change the face of a game.

What Jake Locker will the Sooners see on Saturday night?

That remains to be seen, but the speed of the OU defense should be a neutralizing factor no matter which Locker shows up.

To hang in this game UW is going to have to try and copy the Texas Tech playbook and attempt to pick OU apart all night through the air, but the OU defense has not really shown signs of weakness in the secondary and the defensive front will apply pressure.

All signs indicate that OU will win this game easily. Usually when that is the case you take the other side, because it has to be a trap.

It seems like the Sooners should be favored by more… Did UW's close game against BYU make that much of a difference on how the UW squad is perceived nationally?

Vegas may make a crap load of cash on this Saturday night game as everyone will be on OU, but it is hard to pick against this team until they actually show a chink in the armor, or pick a team like UW that could be one play away from laying over for the rest of the year.

OU- 41

UW- 17

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