Five Answers: Oklahoma at Washington

The Oklahoma Sooners answered their road questions in a convincing fashion by laying a 55-14 smack down on the Washington Huskies Saturday night.

1. Will the Sooners take care of business on the road in 2008?

And how…

They whipped Washington in all facets of the game. After the Jake Locker fumble in the first quarter you could see the heart just get sucked out of the Huskies players.

Had they scored instead of fumble the ball I still think OU would have whipped them handily. The offense is working like a well-oiled machine and the defense is progressing and new playmakers like Travis Lewis and Keenan Clayton are getting fully integrated at linebacker.

"Tonight I think it's obvious we played one of the best football teams we've played since I've been here," UW head coach Ty Willingham said after the game.

"They were good in all aspects of the game; running it, throwing it, defending it. I thought they were, all around, as strong a football team as I've seen."

2. Who will be the most exciting player on the OU offense?

If the Sooners keep scoring 50+ points then this question is going to keep being hard to answer.

Bradford scored six touchdowns…

Murray rushed for 100 yards…

Gresham scored two touchdowns…

Broyles had the most exciting play on a long TD pass and run…

But this time we are giving the game ball to Trent Williams and the offensive line. The first six plays from scrimmage were ran right behind big Trent's side and he dominated at the point of attack. Williams could be looking at an NFL future very soon if he keeps playing like this…

The whole line was rock solid again – for the third game in a row - and at some point the credit needs to go to them for the success that the offense has been having.

3. Can Travis Lewis and Jeremy Beal keep up the pace?

I guess the answer would have to be yes on Lewis and no on Beal.

Lewis is definitely an emerging star. The red-shirt freshman still makes a few mistakes, but he has been dependable and punishes the ball carriers with his hits. He is going to be a lot of fun to watch the next three years.

Saturday night he showed the potential that he has. He racked up seven tackles, a tackle for loss, and a sack. He was all over the field making plays and when he was not the guy making the play he was closing in.

4. Can OU keep the lid on Jake Locker?

For the most part the Sooners defense shut Locker down.

He got outside to the edge one time and made OU pay for it by scampering 15 yards for one of the two Washington Husky scores.

He passed for 154 yards and rushed for 44 total yards and the one score, but was sacked twice and had a hard time getting time to really do anything significant.

"I couldn't be more pleased," OU head coach Bob Stoops said of their success defending Locker.

"The guy is a fabulous athlete. You see him run around every body and he had one on us but the rest of the day we were there closing on him and getting pressure and did what we felt we needed to do. I think he's an excellent athlete."

5. Will the no-huddle travel well?

591 yards of total offense and 55 points is a pretty clear indication that this OU offense is different from last year's in the fact it will be effective away from home.

There are enough weapons that it has to make any defensive coordinator sick trying to prepare for it on game week.

That is an advantage that should travel well anywhere, anytime.

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