Patterson: "They have had it circled"

TCU head coach Gary Patterson's Horned Frogs have been playing well this season, and after a 4-0 start they are now considered as a Top 25 team heading in to this weekend's match-up with the second ranked Oklahoma Sooners.

Patterson on the importance of the 48-7 win against SMU

You get to 4-0. There are not too many teams in the country that are 4-0. You do it any way that you can. You should never look the gift horse on the mouth. We feel happy we are at were we are at. We gotta get back and get healthy and get ready for a really good Oklahoma team.

Patterson on the return of RB Aaron Brown who was 2007 Mountain West pre-season player of the year

He was rusty. But you know things he wasn't rusty at was when he is in the open field he can run. He gives us another dimension. He has got to do a better job cutting inside. I thought he did a really nice job at a couple of things. He gives us another dimension at wide receiver and as a kick-off returner that we did not have.

Patterson on the excitement of the Oklahoma game

It is an exciting game. This is why our kids come to TCU to play in games like this against Oklahoma. It is a measuring stick game to see how the ball game is. I am sure that they (OU) have had it circled. They set it up to where they have an off-week before the ball game, so they will have two weeks to prepare for us so we will have to get ready to go.

Patterson on the teams focus for the rest of the 2008 season

We have got a long football season left. We are only a third of the way through. We have played four games and we got eight left. For us we are going to manage and we are going to manage it. We are going in to our second cycle of this and we are going against Oklahoma, San Diego State, Colorado State, and then you got BYU. So for sure we got two teams in the next four weeks that are ranked in the Top 15 in the country, so we got to keep being a better football team.

Patterson on comparing last year's Texas loss to this year's match-up with the Sooners

Well, one of the things we played with our fourth team tailback we are a lot better there. We are a lot better at the offensive line, we are a lot better at wide receiver, and we are not playing with a freshman quarterback. You saw what Marcus Jackson could do. He gives us another dimension in the run game as a quarterback. It is a big deal. We understand that it is the first game that we are not going to be favored. We play the underdog role a lot better than we play the other.

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