Offense: Thoughts on TCU

From a statistical standpoint TCU will be bringing one of the most highly lauded defensive units in the country on to Owen Field on Saturday, and the Sooner offense knows that they will have to execute to be successful.

Sam Bradford on matching up with TCU ‘s defensive speed….

"I think that is something you just feel once you get out there. Every team we play has speed, obviously, but each plays a different technique. So maybe a guy is not as fast but they way they play he is able to cover more ground. So I think once you get out there on Saturday you just have to kind of feel the way they are playing.

"They protect really well with what they do and I think that their whole defensive scheme is really solid."

"I really wouldn't really call it (TCU defense) exotic. They are very good in what they do and we are going to prepare for it and we should be ready when it comes."

Kevin Wilson on the TCU…

"I think six of their front seven are seniors, so it is a quality group. They understand their scheme. They can pressure you. They tackle great, they tackle great in space. I think like all great defenses they understand how to place players to stop the run with their run support players in the secondary and they play great pass ‘D'."

"Seldom do you see a team that plays great run defense and then everybody tries to throw the ball, but they are third in the nation in the pass ‘D' and first in run ‘D', so that is a great combination. Coach Patterson has done a great job for a long time, so there is nothing new there."

Trent Williams on TCU defensive end Jerry Hughes...

"He is real good. He is very explosive. He is good with his hands. He is probably one of the best defensive ends that I have faced this year."

"They are a real good defense. They run around- in shape. A bunch of them are very quick. You can tell the head coach is a defensive minded coach, so you know they are going to be good."

Chris Brown on TCU's rush defense…

"They are a tough team with a tough defense. They are number one against rushing. They are going to try to stop the run, and we have got to come out and hit them. We have got to stick with our game plan."

"These guys don't give up anything. I don't think anybody rushed for over 50 yards against them the whole year. That is a big challenge for us, the o-line, and the receiving corp."

Manny Johnson on TCU's defense…

"They have a great secondary and the front seven is real good, so it is going to be a great challenge."

"It is the same defense we have seen a coupe of other teams use. It is nothing completely different. They just have a lot more athletes. They are well coached. They fire to the ball and they are a physical team."

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