Five Questions: Oklahoma Vs. TCU

With a big win over TCU on Saturday the Sooners will have the chance to make a move in to the top spot in the polls, but they will need to take care of business on the field before any of that matters…

1. Will Oklahoma be number one when the polls are released on Sunday?

When USC went down on Thursday night to Oregon State it threw the doors wide open on the National Title race. No one expected them to go down in Pac-10 play, but now that they have a number of top teams across the country will be looking to make their case for the top spot.

To be even considered for the top spot the Sooners need to win the game against TCU, but if Georgia is able to handle Alabama convincingly it may not even matter, as they may leapfrog OU to get in to the top spot.

It is a little early in the year to be worrying about where you are ranked, but with the BCS it never hurts to be ranked in the number one spot in the polls. Georgia could jump OU, but if OU wins in a convincing fashion then they should be the new number one team in the country.

2. Who will be the most exciting player on the OU offense?

This is our standard question of the year in the five questions.

TCU will enter the game with not only the top rated run defense in the country, but they boast the number one defense overall.

Still OU has so many weapons on offense that it is going to be hard to contain them even if you have the number one ‘D'.

3. Who wins? The OU tackles or the TCU defensive ends?

This match-up could tell the tale. If TCU is too slow down the OU attack then they need to be able to apply a lot of pressure on Sam Bradford, because if you don't he will pick you apart.

The best match-up of the day could be OU tackle Trent Williams versus TCU end Jerry Hughes, who is explosive off of the edge.

This question could even give a glimpse to how this season could turn out. The O-line has taken it on their shoulders to prove they are a much more physical unit, and this game will test their mettle.

4. Will the special teams play improve?

There have been some great special teams play by Mike Knall, Lendy Holmes, and Desmond Jackson, but for the most part if there was an area of concern this would be it.

The kick coverage has been suspect to say the least and kicker Jimmy Stevens has not been tested with an important field goal attempt and he has missed two extra points.

In addition the Sooners have yet to really break anything big in the return game and Bob Stoops has noticed.

"I think on kick off returns we can be better," Stoops said Tuesday. "We've had a penalty or two - we can be better. Our average is up there with most people, but it's still not where we were a year ago. We led the country a year ago and we were more consistent with it."

5. Will the middle of the defense miss DeMarcus Granger?

Adrian Taylor has been doing a terrific job at defensive tackle and Gerald McCoy has been showing all year that he is one of the most talented linemen in the country and has a great potential as an NFL prospect.

Despite the fact that they have been playing so well both guys will need some rest to be effective deep in to games, and that is where Cordero Moore could come in. If he can provide some good minutes then they should be just fine.

"He has come on, he's made good improvement and we've been close to playing him all year," Stoops said of Moore. "So, he'll definitely have some time."

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