Five Answers: Oklahoma Vs. TCU

The Oklahoma Sooners answered a lot of their concerns in the TCU game, but there are still some areas for improvement. In this feature we revisit last week's biggest questions to see if the team matched up with our expectations.

1. Will Oklahoma be number one when the polls are released on Sunday?

The Sooners basically answered this question in the first quarter when they poured 21 quick points on the number one defense in the country.

The game may have took a quick turn to being extremely boring after that, and non-Sooner fans probably flipped their television sets to another game, but the Sooners proved their point.

Their offense is going t be hard to stop. They have played four games and all four games they have had their way, especially in the first quarter. It is going to be hard for any team to get ready for the speed of the offense.

2. Who will be the most exciting player on the OU offense?

This team deserves their number one ranking...

Sam Bradford is always going to be in this discussion, but this week the honor has to go to the Big 12 Player of the Week, Manny Johnson.

Johnson had a record setting day when he racked up over 200 yards and scored three touchdowns.

3. Who wins? The OU tackles or the TCU defensive ends?

This is a tough one, because the Frogs defensive line was able to get some pressure on Bradford, but they also sold out on the blitz.

Bradford got hit more and faced more pressure than he ever had before, but considering the fact there was not a lot of extra protection placed back there for him, I think the line did a pretty admirable job.

TCU defensive end Jerry Hughes was a real stud, and he is going to have his moments in any game. It is not fair to say that the OU line dominated the game, but they did what they were supposed to and allowed Bradford the time to pass for over 400 yards.

4. Will the special teams play improve?

The answer to this question will be pit down as a no, but put me in the category as a guy who was impressed with the way that the kick-off coverage tightened as the game went on.

TCU took the initial kick-off all the way down inside the 10-yard line and if not for a heroic play by Lendy Holmes they would have scored right then and there.

These huge plays in the kick game and weak kick-offs are starting to leave a sour taste in the mouths of a lot of OU supporters. People are starting to wonder if a bad play on special teams will be the reason this team gets knocked off, but Holmes is hopeful that his spirited play catches on with his teammates real soon.

"We just got to stay focused out there," Holmes said after the game. "It is either we are going to have great field position or we are going to have bad field position."

"It is just effort and attitude and not giving up on the play."

5. Will the middle of the defense miss DeMarcus Granger?

Any defense would miss Granger, but the two back-ups Cordero Moore and Cory Bennett stepped up to the plate and did a great job.

Bennett has played solid in the past, but the play of Moore was very encouraging. He showed some very athletic spurts and made a couple of nice plays in key situations, including a bat down that helped stall a TCU drive.

Granger could be back sometime in the next two weeks.

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