Clayton Happy with Turnovers

Keenan Clayton knows how important it is to been on the extreme plus side of the turnover margin, and the Sooners are sitting petty right now with a +6 and he admits that it has now become a sort of competition to keep it going.

"It is good," Oklahoma outside linebacker Keenan Clayton said when asked about the turnover margin.

"The first week we had no turnovers and then the next week we had a couple. Each week looking at our goal chart we went up. We had zero, two, three, and then we had four last week."

"The way I look at it is we had four turnovers this week why we can't get five next week," Clayton continued. "So we are going to keep it a challenge amongst ourselves to get as many turnovers as we can."

Oklahoma was on the other end of the turnover margin a year ago, so Clayton knows that the momentum of a whole season can hinge on this stat.

"The turnover ratio it helps the game out a lot," Clayton explained. "Our offense had no turnovers (against TCU) and then we caused four turnovers. Just imagine if we did not cause those four turnovers how close the game might have been!"

"Looking back at last year we did not cause as many turnovers – we lost more balls than we gained. It is something that needs to keep going. I don't care if we are ripping the balls out everyday in practice. I wouldn't mind if we did a ten-minute drill everyday to do that."

Do not count Clayton as a person that believes that turnovers come down to a lucky break, he believes that it is a matter of preparation.

"On defense (in practice) Coach V is everyday ‘Rip the ball out! Rip the ball out!' If you practice something it just become second nature," Clayton stated. "If you see a guy running with the ball, your first instinct is going to be tackle him, but if you see the ball you are going to grab for the ball and rip."

"It is second nature because of what we practice everyday. It comes off of practice. I am not going to say it is luck, because it is not luck if one of our guys goes over there and rips the ball out because he practiced on it, (and) it is second nature."

The Sooners are ranked as the number one team in the country, but Clayton has been around long enough to know that in the Big 12 you can be upset by any team, so he is completely dialed in on the Baylor Bears and is not looking ahead to Texas.

"On January ninth if we are still number one then everybody can be satisfied but until then I don't think anybody will be satisfied amongst us."

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