RECRUITING: Houston DE ready to focus on decision

Houston, Texas defensive end Chris Harrington says two stand out, but he's not ready to name a leader


JH: Is your high school team still playing in the playoffs?

CH: "We just finished our season this past weekend. We lost 54-26 and everything just went wrong for us. We were on the field the entire first half and just could never stop them. They run the triple option and we just couldn't stop it. There always seemed to be one guy open. We were trying hard, but just couldn't adjust."

JH: What were your statistics for the year?

CH: "I think I had 60 tackles, 11 sacks and I had to work for every single one of those. Everybody triple teamed me and double teamed me and they ran away from me a lot as well."

JH: Are you concentrating on recruiting now?

CH: "Yeah, and working out pretty much. The coach from Florida (Coach Tolbert) was over last night and tomorrow Coach Hayward from LSU is coming back. Then I am going up to LSU this weekend for my second official visit."

JH: What is your visit schedule?

CH:"I am going to Texas A&M next weekend. I think they will have a coach soon. I think it is going to be Coach Fran, at least that is what I am hearing. I am also going to Florida the week after next. So, over the next three weeks I am going to be taking trips and I am going to get everything done."

JH: If Coach Fran was hired at Texas A&M would they become your favorite school?

CH: "We will have to see, but they could be. I can't say that right now. I wouldn't say my favorite, but they would definitely be in the running."

JH: Who is your favorite school right now?

CH: "I don't know. It is still between Texas A&M and Oklahoma, but I really can't say right now. I am still considering all four schools and we will just have to see."

JH: Does one game influence your decision on where to go to school?

CH: "No, not at all. I guess deep inside it might have a small thing to do with it, but I look for consistently winning. I want somebody to be a strong program and I want to do well in school. I want a program that is good in every single aspect and not just in one game."

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