RECRUITING: Dotson has OU among top five

Hastings, Texas defensive end Alonzo Dotson could be getting an in-home visit soon from OU


JH: You are still playing aren't you?

AD: "We are still playing the playoffs and we are in the quarterfinals. We are 11-2 at this point and we play Katy this weekend."

JH: How is your individual season going?

AD: "It is going well. The last I checked I had 80 tackles, about 35 for a loss. Including the playoffs, I have 12 sacks and for the regular season I had nine sacks. I think I have 12 knocked down passes at this point."

JH: Are you a defensive end or outside linebacker in high school?

AD: "I am playing a pure defensive end. I am pretty much playing on the edge and rushing the passer all the time. In college I hope to be at 235-240 by the time my freshman year rolls around. I have no idea what I would finish at in college, because of the way that guys lift now. I just don't know how big I can get without hurting my speed. Speed and quickness is my main asset right now and I don't want to lose that."

JH: Since your playoffs are still going, has that slowed down the recruiting process?

AD: "A lot of coaches are respecting the fact that I am in the playoffs right now. They are calling, but it is not as bad as it could be because we are still playing. Most are saying they will wait until our playoffs are over before they start calling real heavy. Tomorrow is the first day that I will see a coach as Texas is coming by. I am sure that Oklahoma will by on Sunday after their game with Colorado. I think Colorado will come by as well."

JH: How does your recruiting stack up at the moment?

AD: "My top four with my fifth spot being open to anybody right now would be Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas and UCLA. The fifth one is open right now, but I am leaning slightly to Arkansas right now. I just don't know for sure."

JH: Do you have a favorite?

AD: "No, I don't have a favorite."

JH: What is your thoughts on OU?

AD: "They have a nice program and it seems like if I went there and took care of my business that I could figure out there system and earn some playing time as a freshman. I went to the OUColorado game and despite the fact that it was a messy day they still had a great atmosphere for the game and the crowd was great. I had a chance to meet with the academic people and they still send me stuff. I know OU has lost a couple of games since that Colorado game, but that doesn't mean they don't have a great program. All it means is that I think I can go there and help them a little next year."

JH: Is it important that you play as a freshman?

AD: "It is, but I wouldn't be totally discouraged if they redshirt me. I realize that is a possibility because colleges are going to build you up and they hype you a little bit. So, whereever I go I will get in the best shape possible and then just try to compete for a job and see what happens."

JH: What about the other schools that you are considering?

AD: "The other schools are pretty much the same I guess as OU right now. I have been to Colorado and Texas already, but I have never been to UCLA. However, on all three schools I will have to wait and get there to really get a feeling on what I like about them. With all the schools I need to make sure that my education will carry me, because you can't count on football all your life. So, I have to take advantage of what is there for me academically.

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