Five Questions: Oklahoma at Baylor

In this weekly feature breaks down some of the major questions heading in to the weekend's match-up with the Baylor Bears.

1. Who is going to break out on offense this week?

Last week it was Manuel Johnson who took advantage of the one-on-one match-ups and torched the TCU defense.

Sam Bradford had another big game as he threw for over 400 yards.

We would love to guess a running back this week, but the Baylor defense is susceptible to the passing attack, so it could be anybody.

2. How healthy are the Sooners and will they play back to get ready for Texas?

The Sooners had some guys go down with some injuries last week. Most notably Trent Williams and Gerald McCoy, who are both key members in the trenches.

Coach Stoops has maintained all week that they are fine, and they are ready to go. With Texas on the schedule next week it will be interesting to see if they are nicked up how much they go.

3. Will Jimmy Stevens be tested?

Everybody wants to see what Stevens can do, but the OU offense scores so many touchdowns and is so efficient that he has not really had to make a pressure type of kick. It would be good to see what he can do on a long one in a relatively close game.

4. Can OU avoid the lookahead?

Last year they could not and they paid for it with their first loss of the season at the hands of Colorado.

This year they have been quick to recall that game and use that as motivation to get up for Baylor, but Texas is still on the schedule next weekend…

5. Which quarterback will have the bigger day?

For all of the talk about Robert Griffin, lets not forget that OU has a pretty good QB in Bradford!

Griffin is a more exciting quarterback to some because he can beat you with his feet, but Bradford may be the most methodical and accurate passer in the country.

"Robert Griffin is a great quarterback. He has a great arm and can also run the ball really well," Dominique Franks said of Griffins skills. "We will have our hands full on Saturday. We just have to keep them from having the big plays and stay focused on our jobs as a defense."

Griffin will have to have a huge day to pull off an upset or even keep it close, but Bradford should put up the better numbers.

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