Boyd Enjoys Second Official Visit

The Jheranie Boyd recruiting sweepstakes seems to have opened up in a big way. The Oklahoma Sooners are the latest team on his trail and he took an official visit to Norman for the TCU game. This past weekend he was back on the road visiting North Carolina State and caught up with him after the visit to get the latest.

"I keep people guessing," Jheranie Boyd told Pack Pride. "NC State wasn't ever off my radar. They are one of my top schools. At NC State, I think I can go in there and impact as a true freshman."

With an official visit to Oklahoma already in the books, Boyd was in Raleigh this past weekend for his second official visit.

"I had a lot of fun," he said. "That was probably one of the better visits I've had. The big thing was I connected with the players.

"As far as connecting with the players and having fun, NC State beats everybody."

Hosting Boyd was Wolfpack true freshman quarterback Mike Glennon. Boyd, who first met Glennon earlier this year at the Wolfpack's Junior Day, stated they clicked right away. Also, he spent some time talking with true freshman wideout T.J. Graham.

"I know Glennon real well, so he was my host. It was cool hanging out with him and all of the players. He was telling me how it was at State and how much he liked it there.

"I also talked a lot with T.J. Graham. T.J. said for me to not look at what is happening now because a lot of their best players are all young guys. I understand it... I see it. I know they are going to make things happen in a couple of years with all the players they have playing now and are getting."

With Glennon redshirting, NC State played another freshman, Russell Wilson, at quarterback in the 38-31 loss to Boston College. Wilson completed 19-of-33 passes for 218 yards and a touchdown while rushing for another two scores in the loss.

"He's a playmaker," said Boyd. "You've always got to keep your eye on him because he's trying to making plays. He's doing a good job at State right now at quarterback... I hear he's a good baseball player too."

Heading up Boyd's recruitment for the Wolfpack is linebackers coach Andy McCollum. With programs such as Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, Oregon, and Clemson all competing for Boyd's signature, McCollum has done a terrific job of keeping NC State in the mix.

"I have a real good relationship with coach McCollum," said Boyd. "We're real close. I can call him all the time and talk about things. He's always joking around... he says to me that if I go to State he'll take me fishing when I'm there. It's fun hanging with him."

Before leaving Raleigh, Boyd met with head coach Tom O'Brien.

"It was a good meeting," Boyd stated. "Coach O'Brien said I can come in and maybe make an impact as a true freshman. He was saying that with me on one side and T.J. on the other side, teams will have all kinds of problems stopping us. It would also open up the running game and free up the tight ends to make some plays. "I can see it too because T.J. was telling me how much they try to get him the ball already. He was saying that they try to get the ball in his hands and sometimes he doesn't even want the ball... they still try to get it to him. That was good seeing a true freshman play a lot for them."

Next up for Boyd is an official visit to Florida followed by trips to Illinois and Missouri. While he remains wide open, Boyd has scheduled a date to announce his decision.

"I don't know if I really have a favorite," he said. "I plan on making my decision on November 7th, and it's anybody's game right now. Oklahoma kind of came on late, but they are recruiting me hard. Clemson is recruiting me hard, [NC] State is coming on hard... I would say all of them are recruiting me hard.

"I just finished talking with a coach from Georgia. He was saying they were losing a lot of receivers and they like me... I might switch one of my official visits and go there. I'm not sure yet."

What will be the biggest factor in Boyd's decision?

"It will probably be my relationship with the coaches," he said. "Also my relationship with the players. I wouldn't say distance is a big factor. If I can make an impact as a true freshman and play... those kind of things."

Boyd is rated the No. 8 wide receiver in the country and a four-star prospect by

Scouting Report: "Boyd boasts all the attributes needed as a wide receiver but what really jumps out is his focus and concentration. This becomes clear once you observe that the vast majority of his catches are made with him in the air and off his feet. Boyd is able to go up with defenders, maintain his focus and come down with the reception over and over again. This also accentuates his tremendous catching ability. He's able to routinely pull in tough receptions which highlights his reliable hands.

"Once the reception is made, Boyd isn't necessarily a shake-and-bake type player but he is effective at finding gaps and outrunning defenders once in the open field. He plays physical and isn't an easy tackle once corralled. On the high school level, Boyd's speed allows him to dominate slower defenders and rarely will anyone put a hand on him once he's behind a defense." - Pack Pride Recruiting Analyst Steve Williams

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