RECRUITING: Sooner OL commit loved trip to Norman

South Dakota offensive lineman Ryan Schuler plans on bulking up before heading to Norman this summer


JH: It is snowing in Oklahoma today, but I bet you are used to that in South Dakota?

RS: "We have a little bit of that going on around here. To be honest it would be nice not to have any for a while. I could go without it for a while."

JH: How did you enjoy your visit to OU?

RS: "It was a good time. Jason White showed me around campus and I kind of got an idea what campus life was all about. I guess I got to learn a little bit more about what the routine of the football team would be in conjunction with the academic schedule."

JH: What did you think of the OU-Texas Tech game?

RS: "I thought the game was awesome and the atmosphere was really a little bit of a surprise how loud and everybody was into the game. I have never really been to a college game before and it was a great experience being at one."

JH: I am sure you watched the offensive line, what is your take on how you will fit in with what OU is doing?

RS: "I think I will be able to do the job. It may take me a little while, but give me a year or so and I think I can help the offense."

JH: How did your season go?

RS: "We ended up 11-2 and lost in our championship game. I played pretty well offensively and I had a great defensive end. I think I went hard every play and I think things went really good."

JH: Are you still a solid commitment to OU?

RS: "Yes, there are no problems with my commitment to OU. However, I am not sure if I will take any other visits or not."

JH: Is there much of a chance that you will take other visits?

RS: "Not too much."

JH: Are you going to play basketball?

RS: "I have decided not to play basketball this year. I just want to lift weights and get as big and strong as I can before I come to OU. I hope to come to OU at 280 or 290 pounds. Every winter I put on some weight and if I really get after the weights I should be able to put on 20 solid pounds or so. I weigh around 260 right now."

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