RECRUITING: Catching up with Tommy Grady

California QB Tommy Grady says he's still sold on OU and wants to make an impact next fall


JH: Your season didn't end up the way you wanted it to did it?

TG: "It was a hard season because my offensive line really couldn't protect me. I was getting beat up pretty good every game. We finished the season at 5-6 and that was mainly because we were young up front and we had tons of injuries this year."

JH: What were your stats this season?

TG: "I finished the year with 2,600 yards passing at 56 percent passing and I had 17 touchdown passes."

JH: Are you still solid on Oklahoma?

TG: "Oh yeah, definitely."

JH: What did you think of the fact that OU lost a couple of games?

TG: "They are playing good teams, but a loss or two is not going to change my mind about OU. They have a young team in some spots and that is a factor in some of things that are happening to them. I really like OU and nothing is going to make me change my mind."

JH: You have been able to watch the Sooners on television some, so what do you think about their offense?

TG: "I like it a lot. When they play teams that are set to stop the pass they run the ball and when teams set to stop the run they throw the ball. I like everything that the offense is doing. I can not wait to get to Oklahoma and to start learning the offense."

JH: When will you be out to Norman again?

TG: "I will take my trip to OU December 20th and as soon as my school year ends in May I will move to Oklahoma so that I can start learning the offense."

JH: OU will have a wide open quarterback race going into next season, do you feel you will have a chance to win that job as a true freshman?

TG: "Definitely, because the main reason I am going there is because they said that I could get some playing time early and be a serious contender to compete for the starting job."

JH: How are your other sports going?

TG: "We just got done with our first game and we won by ten. I had 20 points and 11 rebounds in the game and I play both forward and center. We have a real good team in basketball this year. I am also going to play baseball too."

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