Five Questions: Oklahoma Vs. Texas

The top five battle between Oklahoma and Texas is undoubtedly the game of the week on the national college football scene and there are a number of questions surrounding the game and the match-ups between the two powerhouse programs.

1. Can the Oklahoma defense put pressure on Colt McCoy?

There is no doubt that putting pressure on McCoy will be a key to the game. He has been extremely efficient so far this year, and if you give him time he will pick you apart through the air, or pull the ball down and hurt you with his feet.

"That is what we have to do," OU defensive lineman Gerald McCoy said of the importance of putting pressure on McCoy. "That is what we are preparing to do – that's our plan."

"You have got to hit him. If you hit a guy enough eventually he is going to slow down, so we have to hit Colt. We have to hit him because he is that good of a player."

2. Will the OU offensive line keep the pressure off of Sam Bradford?

As important as it is to put pressure on McCoy it will be equally important to provide time for Bradford to do his thing.

While the line has done a great job of that so far, the UT defensive line is very athletic and is also considered as one of the very best lines in the nation.

Senior defensive end Brian Orakpo, who is a member of the Nagurski and Lott Trophy watch lists, is currently fourth in the nation with six sacks.

Since 1999 Texas has racked up 346 sacks, so this is a team that will apply pressure on a consistent basis.

3. Which team will have the most big plays that swing the momentum in their favor?

We all know how the big plays make a huge difference in this series over the years.

Sometimes it only takes the one spark to ignite the flame, and there have been a number of instances of that even in the Bob Stoops Vs. Mack Brown era of OU/Texas.

It could be one play or a host of plays, but usually the team that has them comes out on top…

4. Can OU contain Quan Cosby on kick-offs?

If there is a glaring weakness for the Oklahoma Sooners in 2008 it is their inability to come down and make sound plays in kick coverage.

Some of that has to rest on the shoulders of Matt Moreland, who sometimes does not get off his best kicks. It is quite strange because Moreland has a huge leg.

As we mentioned previously in a rivalry game like this it could be just one play that swings the momentum pendulum in favor of one teams, so OU will have to put a cap on Quan Cosby.

5. Which player will emerge as the hero of the 2008 version of the Rivalry?

This could be any player from either team. Both squads are littered with future NFL talents.

The two odds on favorites are going to be Bradford and McCoy, but rivalry games are usually won with defense, so it would not be a surprise to see a guy that is off the radar who emerges.

"You never know who it is going to be," OU defensive coordinator Brent Venables explained. "There are number of those plays that maybe to ‘Average Joe' aren't spectacular, but maybe change the momentum of the game."

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