Reynolds Lost for Year

After suffering a yet another knee injury Bob Stoops announced that Ryan Reynolds would indeed be out for the year, which is tough break, because he has been playing so well.

Ryan Reynolds has been one of the feel good stories of the 2008 season, but the air got sucked out of the balloon in a big way during the first drive of the second half when he went down with yet another knee injury.

Reynolds was able to walk of the field under his own power, but after the trainers worked on him for a few minutes it was apparent that the news was not going to be good, as they began to pat him on the back and try to console him.

"He tore his anterior cruciate ligament, so he will be through for the year," OU head coach Bob Stoops confirmed after the game.

Stoops went on to explain that is something every member on the team will obviously be feeling disappointed about.

"We all feel personally for Ryan. He has worked hard to be back – he was doing great – It is just real unfortunate."

Travis Lewis has been one of the biggest surprises of the 2008 season. In the media room Lewis he has always been quick to give a lot of the credit to Reynolds for his development and he admits that the "Rock" will be sorely missed.

"Losing a great leader like Ryan in a game like this was a tough blow," Lewis admitted.

"Losing a player like Ryan is never easy."

At the same time Lewis was quick to point out losing Reynolds from the game was not one of the reasons why OU lost 45-35.

"I am not going to make any excuses," Lewis explained. "We have second string for a reason. They practice just as much as we do and if somebody goes down they are going to step up."

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