Texas Knocks Off Number One

The Texas Longhorns were able to rack up huge amounts of yardage against the Oklahoma Sooners in this afternoon's big 45-35 victory. The Horns will most likely make a climb towards number one after knocking off their hated rival.

The trend continues in college football.

It seems these days the last place you want to be ranked is number one.

The Oklahoma Sooners are the latest victims of the number one jinx, but it was not the ranking that was their downfall.

The biggest reason that the Sooners lost the game was most likely their inability to keep their defense off of the field in a game where the team across from them had just as much offensive firepower.

Throughout the first five games of the season the Sooners were able to manhandle their opponents, but late in the second half versus Texas they found that the shoe was on the other foot.

"Texas has a great offense and they executed well," OU defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said after the disappointing loss. "We needed stops and we just could not get them."

Time of possession is sometimes a good indicator of what your team did on any given weekend, and when the final seconds rolled off of the clock the Horns held the ball almost an entire quarter longer than the Sooners, so there is no wonder that the defense was running a little ragged towards the end of the contest.

Oklahoma offensive center Jon Cooper agrees that the TOP differential was a big reason why the Sooners were unable to keep it going down the stretch.

"With our tempo that is giving them the ball real quick," Cooper acknowledged. "Because we are running three plays in 40 seconds or maybe less than that, so it really is bad. We put the defense in a bad situation."

"It hurt them (OU defense) a lot, because we are not moving the ball. We are not keeping them off of the field, we really need to do a better job moving the ball."

Despite some inefficiencies with the no-huddle offense in this one there still has to be some credit to the Texas offensive line, which opened up some big holes for running back Chris Ogbonnaya in the fourth quarter.

"The offensive line probably does not get as much credit as they deserve," Ogbonnaya stated. "The guys that were in there just kept grinding, and I told them that we just need to keep doing that."

"We ended up having the opportunity to break a couple of big ones, and I just wanted to thank them for that opportunity. A lot of times they are the unsung heroes of our team"

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