Five Answers: Oklahoma Vs. Texas

The Red River Rivalry game was one of the most entertaining in recent memory as there were a number of huge plays and great storylines. In this feature we go back and answer some of the questions we presented a couple of days before the match-up.

1. Can the Oklahoma defense put pressure on Colt McCoy?

The Sooners were able to get some pressure on Colt McCoy at times. They tallied four sacks in the contest, but I don't know if they were as successful as they wanted to be down-to-down.

I think they would have been much happier if they could have consistently put McCoy on his back whether it was a sack or just a knockdown.

The answer to this question lies somewhere in the middle. They were able to get to him, but I do not think that they were able to get to him enough to get him rattled or take him out of his game.

2. Will the OU offensive line keep the pressure off of Sam Bradford?

Bradford was sacked three times, but he was clearly having to do a few more things with his feet than ever before.

I really don't think that the line failed with their protection of Bradford. He took some hits, but any quarterback will spend their time on the turf when playing a defense like Texas.

At times Bradford had all day, but pressure was consistently applied from the Horns defensive front.

"We knew they were going to be good coming in to this game and they just executed well," OU QB Sam Bradford explained. "I thought we played well in the first half and even in the second half, they were just able to execute and stop us."

3. Which team will have the most big plays that swing the momentum in their favor?

There were a lot of big plays in this one, but Texas clearly had the most because they came out on top.

From the Jordan Shipley kick-off return to the long run by Chris Ogbonnaya in he fourth quarter they quite simply had the definitive moments in the 103rd meeting between the two teams.

"The guys on both teams just left it out on the field and were totally exhausted at the end of the game," Texas head coach Mack Brown said.

"Both teams were in great shape out in that heat. It was a heavyweight fight that continued throughout the day. Every time one would get up the other one would come back and vice-versa. Neither team gave up and neither team quit."

4. Can OU contain Quan Cosby on kick-offs?

I guess the question should have been can OU contain anybody at all on kick-offs?

The answer would have been no. It is weird to look at a team that performs so solidly in so many aspects, but they are one f the very worst teams in the country in this one area. No doubt about it.

The Jordan Shipley return for a touchdown was probably the deciding point in the game. OU had a clear advantage up 11 and the momentum was clearly on their side, but when Shipley exploded past the OU defenders things started to change…

"We needed a big play and I have to give credit to the guys blocking," Shipley said of the return. "They opened up the holes and they made it happen. It was a lot of fun to be able to make a big play."

5. Which player will emerge as the hero of the 2008 version of the Rivalry?

Cody Johnson scored three touchdowns on three carries, but the obvious answer here is Jordan Shipley.

Shipley is the type of player that makes big plays in big games and he stepped up on Saturday.

He got the momentum going in the Horns favor when they were down 14-3 with his kick-off return and was able to consistently get open over the middle of the field.

His 11 receptions played a huge role in keeping the OU defense on the field and a 37 yard reception over the middle of the field late in the game set up the go ahead score.

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