Mangino Addresses Top 25 Clash

Fresh off a victory over Colorado Kansas head coach Mark Mangino will be bringing a a nationally rated Kansas Jayhawks squad in to Norman, Okla., to face off against the Oklahoma Sooners in a game that is sure to have plenty of offensive fireworks on display.

Mark Mangino on his team's offensive performance last week against Colorado:

"This past week we were able to defeat Colorado here at home. On offense Jake Sharp our running back had a great day – three touchdowns and 118 yards rushing – he is getting better and better as we go along each week. Also our quarterback, Todd Reesing had another solid performance and also Kerry Meier our receiver had eight catches and continues to make big plays for us along with Dexton Fields and Dezmon Briscoe."

On this weekend's match-up against the Oklahoma Sooners and what OU brings to the table offensively:

"This week we go to Norman and play Oklahoma. Oklahoma is an outstanding football team. On offense they are averaging over 500 yards a game. Led by Sam Bradford who is very prolific. He is a guy that sits in the pocket and throws the ball well, throws the ball well on the run, or moving the pocket. He has a strong offensive line in front of him. He has some really talented people to throw the ball to in Manuel Johnson, Juaquin Iglesias, and their tight end Jermaine Gresham."

On this weekend's match-up against the Oklahoma Sooners and what OU brings to the table defensively:

"Defensively they are as strong as they always are. They are a physical defense. They will pressure you with all different kinds of looks and pressures. They have some quality people along the defensive front. Auston English and Gerald McCoy are outstanding along the defensive front. The linebackers are very active and I do realize that they lost a great player in Reynolds. In the secondary they have two safeties that have been playing a long time for them and they make a lot of plays for them in Nic Harris and Lendy Holmes. This is a defense that is very good and very sound and we have to be well prepared as we go in to Norman this weekend."

On the strength of the Big 12 conference and if that strength makes a compelling argument towards a playoff for the National Championship:

"In all due respect right now I haven't given a thought to who is going to play in the National Championship game. That is not something that I think about. What I am preparing to do is play an outstanding Oklahoma team. I think our conference is great. We beat each other. I think it just shows the strength of our conference. My opinion – I think this is the best conference in college football right now and someone would have to give me a compelling case to show me something different."

Mangino addresses how he feels how Oklahoma will perform coming off of a loss to Texas:

"I will tell you this. Oklahoma is steady and they are not a program that is based on emotion. They are workmanlike. They come out and play well every week, week after week. You are not going to see anything different from them. They are going to be ready. They are going to be ready to play. They have great pride. We kind of think the same way they do there. We share this belief. You can't change history. You can only take care of what is going on today and the challenges for today. I look for them to be ready to play and show no effects of coming off a loss."

Did Texas show a magic formula for beating the Sooners?

"No. They were well coached and they had a good plan, but I would not say it was anything magical. It is called execution. It is called making plays and there is nothing there that you would see that is new to us. In fact I thought Texas put a lot of new things on the field that they have not shown all year on offense, a lot of new things. Obviously, they had some things that we put on the tape and watched that we were caught off guard because it was a little unusual if you watch Texas through the years."

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