Five Questions: Oklahoma Vs. Kansas

The loss last weekend to Texas has opened the floodgates for people to start questioning the state of the OU football team, but luckily for all of us we will get the chance to see them answer some of them on the field against the Kansas Jayhawks on Saturday.

1. Can Oklahoma bounce back and will Bob Stoops keep it going?

The Sooners have a tough one this week in Kansas especially coming off of a disappointing loss to Texas.

The good news is that OU only fell three spots in the AP poll and if they do not have another slip up they should be able to be in the mix for the National Title hunt.

Bob Stoops's teams are 9-0 following Texas week so far in his career at Oklahoma.

"I guess we're just ready to play (the week after Texas)," Stoops admitted. " I've said it before. The season doesn't begin and end with that game. We've got a long season and you have to work your way through it."

2. Can the Sooners rush for over 100 yards?

OU Net Rushing Yards Vs. Washington- 274

OU Net Rushing Yards Vs. TCU- 25

OU Net Rushing Yards Vs. Baylor- 217

OU Net Rushing Yards Vs. Texas- 48

If you follow the trends over the last four weeks you can plainly see that you just never know what you are going to get from the OU rushing attack. They are not consistent at all right now.

They don't need to run the ball to score points. That much is obvious, but they do need to run the ball to keep their defense off of the field.

I am of the opinion if you score enough points that time of possession may not matter as much, but you need to control the game.

If you are running the ball and you are not successful then it is hard to be in control of anything.

3. Will the Sooner defense get back on track against Kansas?

After a two-year hiatus the Jayhawks roll back on to the OU schedule, but they are not the same Kansas team that usually comes to town.

For the most part the Sooners have shut down the Jayhawks, but KU has never really been a team that you worried much about, but things have changed.

The KU offense is a juggernaut in 2008 as they are scoring 34 points per game behind an attack that averages 125 rushing yards and 330 passing yards per game.

4. Who will be the new players on the kick-off return coverage team and will they make a difference?

It is obvious that the kick coverage unit needed some shaking up. Their lapses have been apparent in 2008, which is odd for a team that was number one in the nation in kick coverage a year ago.

Stoops admits that changes have been made, but he has not yet said who is in and who is out.

"Kick coverage is terribly inconsistent and aggravating," Stoops said. "We've put a ton of time into it, in film time and practice time. We just haven't been able to get it done. We've made some changes again and hopefully personnel will make the difference."

5. Besides Sam Bradford who will stick out on the OU offense?

Last week was the first week we did not ask this basic question and the Sooners got beat, so we thought we had better revive it for the Kansas game.

Manuel Johnson has emerged as a huge talent this year and he has had some nice games the past few weeks, but it would be nice to get DeMarco Murray's name in the ‘Five Answers' column at some point.

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