Focus 2010: Marshall Receiving Heavy Interest

Mesquite High has been producing a good amount of division one talent as of late, and the next big thing may indeed be junior running back Robert Marshall, who is already receiving an abundance of early recruiting attention.

Much like his hero Robert Marshall, a 6-foot-1, 225-pound running back from Mesquite High in Texas has been having a good season despite the fcat he missed a few early games with an injury.

"I have been playing pretty good," Marshall said. "I just try to make sure I get better everyday – make sure I learn something everyday."

"I look at Chris Wells (Ohio State). I watch his highlight tape before I do football related stuff. He has power. He has speed and power and makes people fly around. I like the stiff arm and he stiff arms people like five yards."

Marshall is already receiving a plethora of early recruiting interest as a number of heavy hitters in the college football world have him on their radar screens.

"The schools that have been talking to me the most are OU, Notre Dame, Kansas, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Missouri, Oklahoma State," Marshall said. "Those are the ones that have been showing me the most (interest), but I am starting to get some now from Virginia, Tennessee, LSU, Northwestern. I probably got some more, but I can't think of them right now."

I was getting some camp type letters at beginning of the spring, but now I get them all of the time. It is an everyday type of thing. I am just happy that they are all interested in me."

Robert's brother, David Marshall, is a freshman at the University of Kansas, and he admits that his brother has been able to give him some advice on the recruiting process.

"He told to make sure I do the research and stuff to get better, make sure keep lifting weights and doing he right stuff, practicing my hardest, and getting in shape, so when my time comes I will be good and stand out."

Over the past couple of years Mesquite has sent players to Kansas (His brother) and Oklahoma State (Adrian Richards) and this year they have a player that has already made a commitment to Oklahoma (Marcus Trice).

These players all tell him about their programs, but in the end he knows he has to make the best choice to fit his skill sets and needs.

"Whatever school fits me the best or whatever school allows me to have the most success is probably what school I will go to," Marshall began.

"I want to go to school just because somebody wants me to go with them, because I get down there and then it won't have the right environment. I don't want to go down there and go to a school just because someone asked me too, because it might not be what I want. Because the way they feel about a school I might feel a whole different way."

"I am going to looks at academics, then the football, the living environments. I don't want to go to a school too far from my family because they might want to see me, and that might not happen if I go to a school way across the country."

The big back was one of the many recruits that was on hand as a guest of OU to watch the Red River Rivalry game last weekend when the Texas upset the first ranked Sooners 45-35.

"I was just enjoying it because it was real close to the field and how loud the stadium was," Marshall said of the visit. "The students were doing the OU chants and the OU fans and all of that. Just seeing different traditions. In high school something goes wrong the players get down, but in college they all stay up."

"It was fun to me."

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