OU/KU: Quarter-by-Quarter

A look at the scoring drives from this afternoon's game between Oklahoma and Kansas…

First Quarter (OU 7, KU 7):

For the first time all year the Sooners were stymied on the opening possession when Jimmy Stevens missed a short 30-yard field goal, but they were able to put up their first seven points with 5:36 left to go on the clock on their third possession when Sam Bradford hit fullback Matt Clapp on a 12 yard swing pass. The score was set-up by three consecutive

I guess Kansas needed to see OU score before they mounted a scoring drive of their own and they did it in pretty convincing fashion with only seven plays. The big play that would set up the Jocques Crawford two-yard TD run was a 25-yrad strike from Todd Ressing to Dezmon Briscoe over the middle in between Quinton Carter and and Brian Jackson.

Second Quarter (OU 24, KU 17):

Oklahoma scored on he very first play of the second quarter to go up 14-7 when DeMarco Murray punched it in from three yards out. The drive was set-up by a 20-yard catch and run by Juaquin Iglesias. On the drive the Soonere were able to mix in a healthy amount run and pass plays to knock 3:58 seconds off of the clock.

Kansas would answer again with a score when Jacob Branstetter would hammer home a 23-yard field goal to make it a 14-10 game, in favor of the Sooners. The big play that set-up the score was a 40-yard strike to Briscoe over the middle of the field. The ball hung in the air for ages, but Dom Franks got a little turned around and could not knock it down.

The Sooners would answer the field goal with a 14-yard Chris Brown touchdown scamper to go up 21-10. The two big plays that got OU in a position to score was a third down conversion to Quentin Chaney over the middle of the field. Two plays later and on Bradford would hit Murray on a 12-yard strike to move the ball deep in to KU territory.

Kansas would waste little time in answering (two plays) and it would once again be Briscoe carrying the torch. He started the drive off with an 11-yard pass and on the next play OU corner Brian Jackson would slip down and Briscoe would streak 69 yards down the field on an easy score.

OU would cap of the first half of scoring with an 8 play 78 yard drive that would end in a Jimmy Stevens 19 yard field goal to put the Sooners out in front going in to the break at 24-17.

Third Quarter (OU 38, KU 24):

OU was not able to score on the first possession of the game, so they made up for it by scoring on their first possession of the second half and they did it in three plays. The first snap would go 35 yards to Quentin Chaney. The second snap Murray would carry the ball for 12 yards to the KU 6-yard line and then Bradford would find Gresham for the touchdown to put the Sooners up 31-17.

KU would come right back with a dominating drive of their own and they would basically run it right down the Sooners' throats. The drive would be capped off by two consecutive long runs by Jake Sharp (26 and 17 yards). The touchdown run would come right up the gut exploiting a weakness at middle linebacker to make the game 31-24 in favor of OU.

The Sooners would tack on their second score of the quarter when DeMarco Murray would as he would cash in his second score of the day from seven yards out. The play that set-up yet another quick OU score was a 38 yard pass down the middle to Chaney, who is having a big game. The Sooners lead 38-24.

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