Five Answers: Oklahoma Vs. Kansas

In this feature we go back and answer some of the pressing questions that we asked heading in to this past weekend's game against the Kansas Jayhawks. The Sooners put up some impressive numbers in the 45-31 victory, but they gave up some big plays as well.

1. Can Oklahoma bounce back and will Bob Stoops keep it going?

The Sooners bounced back with a win, but I guess it is not clear if the defense bounced back exactly the way everyone expected them to.

They played well enough to get the victory and had some big sacks and Lendy Holmes had some big interceptions, but they also gave up some huge plays.

Bob Stoops is now 10-0 the week after Texas.

2. Can the Sooners rush for over 100 yards?


The trend continues for the Sooners as they seem to rush for over 200 yards every other week.

They actually ran the ball with a lot more passion this weekend and DeMarco Murray showed some flashes of his 2007 brilliance.

"The same guy [Demarco Murray] who wasn't full speed looked like himself tonight," OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson said. "It's just confidence and playing it. We blocked a little better but those guys ran with a purpose tonight and it was good to see and that wasn't personal against them, that's playing, that's learning we can always be better.

"We weren't so good last week at some things, we tried to correct them and talk about it. We had a good week of practice and it was better today."

3. Will the Sooner defense get back on track against Kansas?

The Sooner defense is still struggling some.

Gerald McCoy is playing out of this world and Travis Lewis is going to be a star and most likely a future NFL linebacker, but they were not really able to slow down the Jayhawks.

KU was able to rack up 491 yards of offense, but McCoy said that if they could have escaped the big play it could have been different.

"They had 270 yards off of five plays," McCoy informed. "You take those away and that is 270 yards they don't have and a few points that they don't have."

4. Who will be the new players on the kick-off return coverage team and will they make a difference?

The new players on kick-off coverage were rotated, but starters like Nic Harris, Dominique Franks, Keenan Clayton, Travis Lewis, and Brian Jackson were all in on the action.

The team seemed to be much better in their coverage. The first kick almost got away, but all-in-all this was easily the best that the unit has played all year.

5. Besides Sam Bradford who will stick out on the OU offense?

Sam Bradford put up absolutely sickening numbers, so he has to be the offensive MVP, but after that it was probably his main target, Juaquin Iglesias, who stuck out the most.

He set an OU record in the first half when he snagged 10 catches for 178 yards.

"Juaquin Iglesias is a tough guy to deal with and Quinten Chaney and Jermaine Gresham are as well," KU head coach Mark Mangino said after the game.

"They just have a lot of depth on offense. They do a good job of shuttling guys on and off the field and we just couldn't keep up with it."

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