Against the Spread…

Oklahoma has given up a lot of yardage the last three weeks in their match-ups against Texas, Kansas, and Kansas State, and the schedule will not let up much as they host the Nebraska Cornhuskers, another team that has the ability to pile up the yardage.

Oklahoma Vs. Kansas

Time: ESPN

TV: 7:00

Line: -21.5

SI ATS Record: 5-2

It may have not been a pretty, but an ATS win is an ATS win and after being on he wrong side for two weeks it is always good to get back on the right track with a win.

After the past three games it is hard to believe that the OU defense is going to put the shackles on any team, but the Nebraska game should allow them to have some bounce back.

Nebraska can put up points on anyone, but they do not have a Josh Freeman, Dez Briscoe or Colt McCoy on their sidelines.

Heading down the stretch OU will have some huge tests when they face off against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State, but they should stymie Nebraska and Texas A&M. If they cannot, then we may not be that optimistic about the final two weeks of the season.

If OU is to cover the spread in this game they will most likely do it by piling up plenty of offense themselves, and quite honestly NU should not be able to slow them down.

In their three losses the Huskers have gave up over 40 points a game and all-in-all they give up a ton of yardage. The Sooners are not exactly the offense that you want to face when you are struggling somewhat defensively.

It will be viewed as a disappointment if OU does not pull out a can on NU this weekend and after the frustrating loss to Texas what better team is there (I guess outside of OSU) to put a whipping on?

OU- 59

NU- 27

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