Alexander to Play for Injured English

Frank Alexander has been really coming along and if not for an off the field incident earlier in the season where he was attacked and stabbed he may have been getting a lot more reps, but now that Auston English is out for around three weeks he will most likely be the guy to get the nod.

Yesterday Bob Stoops said that defensive end Auston English will be sidelined for around three weeks after suffering a sprain in his knee in Saturday's 62-28 win over Nebraska.

Stoops knows that losing English will be a blow to his team, but he has to gain some level of comfort from the emergence of red-shirt freshman Frank Alexander, who has been making some huge plays and was even recognized by Stoops as one of the defensive players of the game after he had a sack and recovered a fumble against Nebraska

"Well obviously it hurts; you don't want to lose any of your starters," Stoops said when asked about English. "Auston is having an excellent year. It's disappointing for us, and for him as well I'm sure. But in the end you just have to keep moving on."

"Frank Alexander, the only thing that gives you a great feeling, he has been recognized as one of our players of the game or a guy who really had a positive impact on the game. So Frank will just have to step it up, and then the other guys in there have to come and help as well,"

Alexander started to try to prepare himself mentally the second he saw English go down with an injury in the Nebraska game and despite his solid play in the past two games he knows that he still has to earn his stripes.

"I just got a lot to prove," Alexander admitted. "With ‘A-Town' going down I need to fill his shoes, make plays, and just be there for my team."

He was still proud of the way he has been able to perform and he hopes that his family is proud of the way that he has represented them with his passionate play.

"I had my mom and them in the stands and everything so I just wanted to go out there and shine for them," Alexander explained. "All of my people back home were watching so I just wanted to be a role model for my younger cousins and stuff, so I just felt like I had a lot to prove."

"You got to play aggressive every snap. You have to go 110 percent on every snap. That is what I try to pride myself on."

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