Franklin Talks Official Visit

Terry Franklin was in Norman this weekend for his official visit and he felt like he was right at home being around the Sooners players and coaching staff. In this feature he breaks down the visit and how he sees himself in the OU defense.

Terry Franklin, a 6-foot-4, 215-pound defensive end from Legacy High in Mansfield, Texas took his official visit to Oklahoma last weekend and was on hand to watch the Sooners crush Nebraska 62-28.

"It went really good," Franklin said of the game. "I enjoyed it a lot."

"I really like how the program is run and how well things are coordinated down there. One of the main things I loved is the weight room."

Franklin had been on campus before, but he enjoyed the extra time that he got to spend with the players and coaches.

"They just kind of showed me around and showed me how they do things," Franklin recalled.

"R.J. Washington was my host. We had fun. He showed me around and introduced me all of the players. He is still kind of learning how it is himself."

"It was real laid back," the three-star defensive end continued. "They made me feel real comfortable. They did not make me feel like a newbie or anything. They made me feel like I was right at home. Like I was part of the family, so it was real laid back."

One of the highlights of any official visit is the one-on-one time with the head coach.

"I kind of talked to Stoops a little bit and we kind of conversated about the (Nebraska) game and how everything went," Franklin said. "We talked about how they base their team and how they like their defense to play."

Dan Cody and Jeremy Beal have both played a hybrid defensive end role in the OU defense and the coaching staff believes that Franklin could be the same type of player.

"Hopefully," Franklin responded when asked if he could fill Beal's role.

"They just said that they like that I can put my hand on the ground or stand up and rush. They say they can play me all over the defense and they like that."

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