RECRUITING: Pendleton prepares for OU visit

Big time Sapulpa DL Carl Pendleton talks about his trip to Missouri and his thoughts on Oklahoma


JH: You just got back from Missouri, how did your like your trip?

CP: "I had a real good time. It was really interesting. I was able to look around a little bit and I discovered that the facilities weren't the best in the world, but I expected that. I found that the players and coaches were very down to earth and I found I could relax there and feel good as a person. I was very humbled that they were recruiting me, but I felt that they really wanted me at Missouri."

JH: Did your visit to Missouri enhance their chances of signing you?

CP: "Certainly, every time I take a visit it makes my decision a little more difficult. There are good things about every school and every school is putting their best foot forward."

JH: You are visiting OU this weekend and since you have been to OU several times what are going to look to learn from this visit?

CP "I am just looking to get a little more familiar with how the program works and how the coaches and players live within that framework of the OU football program. I just want to see OU on a personal level. I have been to OU several times and know a great deal about what the program is all about, but I haven't had the chance to talk to the players a lot and I am interested in finding out what they think about playing within the program."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

CP: "No sir. I am still trying to decide in between the five. I go to Oklahoma this weekend, then Kansas State on the 20th. I have already been to Stanford and Notre Dame."

JH: When do you feel you will make a decision?

CP: "I am thinking about waiting until signing day, but then again after one of my visits I may go ahead and just decide to put this to rest so that I can rest and get back to concentrating on my studies."

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